Pros and Cons of Petroleum Review

Pros and Cons of Petroleum

Petroleum is a fossil fuel widely used in powering vehicles. Just like other sources of energy, petroleum is highly flammable. It consists of a mixture of liquid and hydrocarbons harvested from the rock strata.


1. A reliable source of energy: Petroleum is a reliable source of energy that has been in existence since the 40th century. Petroleum product is more stable and easy to predict the outcome compared to other sources like solar and wind energy.

2. Extracted more easily: The advanced technologies make it easy to extract petroleum from the earth’s surface. It is also easy to extract oil deposits from different geological conditions. You can easily produce petroleum from low-cost locations.

3. Low cost: Since petroleum products require little technical and physical effort, it is cheap unlike other sources of energy. The technology used in harvesting hydrocarbons contributes to its affordability.

4. Production of renewable energy products: Petroleum is used in making a photovoltaic solar panel that relies on sunlight to produce energy. Wind turbines also require petroleum products to run effectively.

5. High-density rating: Petroleum has the highest density ratings compared to other fossil fuels. The high-density levels of hydrocarbons make it possible to refine the liquid into different consumables or fuels.

6. Wide use: Almost every product around the world is produced/developed on the foundation of petroleum. The hydrocarbons extracted can be used to produce different products. Petroleum produce, directly and indirectly, supports employment opportunities across the world.

7. It can be easily transported: Of course, since petroleum is in a liquid form, it can be easily transported from its extraction point to its final destination. This is good as unlike most natural gases or resources, they are difficult to transport.

8. It has broad applications: Petroleum is one natural resource that has a lot of applications which makes it so important. It can be used to power vehicles when processed, and it can also be used to power gas plants and other powerful machinery.

9. It can give 247 Power Supply: Petroleum can give a 247 power supply than other power sources like wind and solar. It is the most reliable power source on planet earth because it can give you a power supply that would satisfy you until you’re tired.

10. It can power almost any kind of vehicle: There are a lot of powerful vehicles that select the kind of oil to be able to function properly. But it’s good to know that petroleum can power almost any kind of vehicle. The ones it wouldn’t be able to power are very few or haven’t been produced yet.

11. It has a high density: It has been observed that petroleum has a very high density by the amount of energy it can generate. It is considered a blessing to planet earth and it continues to help humanity by what it does in producing energy.


1. Continuous maintenance: The infrastructure for extracting and producing petroleum products require continuous maintenance. Oil spillage causes environmental pollution.

2. Contributes to greenhouse gas emissions: Emission of carbon deposits in the atmosphere contributes to global warming. The acidity produced when nitrous oxide mixes with other gases in the atmosphere impact the oceans and our general way of life.

3. Limited resources: High demands for use of petroleum as an energy resource have stressed the conventional oil reserves. Its decreasing supply has led to increased prices of petroleum in the market.

4. Production of hazardous substances: Refining petroleum products leads to the production of harmful and toxic materials like plastic. The hydrocarbons have traces of sulfur and other harmful compounds like carbon monoxide.

5. Exposure to petroleum liquid has health issues: Petroleum product is very toxic. Working around this liquid on a daily basis can affect the white blood cells making individuals prone to all types of diseases.

6. Oil spills during transportation: Oil spills in the ocean have adverse effects on marine life. It can also cause soil pollution which affects both animals and the growth of plants.

7. It adds to environmental pollution: This is the top disadvantage of petroleum as it could lead to the destruction of planet earth. Petroleum, when used in our vehicles or gas plants, the gases released destroy the ozone layer, thereby causing bad global warming.

8. It is a non-renewable form of energy: Petroleum is a non-renewable form of energy which makes it ancient and should be replaced. It cannot be reused after it has been used to produce energy. This is an edge other forms of energy have over it.

9. It causes oil spills in the sea: Most of the destruction that happens in water or sea Is due to oil spillage as a result of bursts in oil pipes. This oil spill leads to the contamination of the water and also kills the fishes and other aquatic beings.

10. It causes growth of terrorism and corruption: Petroleum is one major cause of terrorism and corruption among nations. There is a lot of money on it, so during its drilling and transportation, a lot of money is harnessed illegally and countries begin to fight each other.

11. Petroleum is limited: Petroleum and its resources are overused and it has begun to decrease incapacity. So, most nations have begun to store petroleum in case it becomes fully limited in the future.