Pros and Cons of PayPal Review

Pros and Cons of PayPal

PayPal is one of the popular methods of online payment. If you accept online payment for your products and services, you can integrate PayPal with your website. Despite its wide recognition, there are people who will refuse to use PayPal for online payments.


1. A secure form of payment: There are over 100 million people with an active PayPal account. More people trust PayPal due to its well-known brand and worldwide recognition. It ensures there is secure processing of all online payments.

2. No maintenance fee: PayPal has no maintenance or monthly charges like other payment methods. If you’re operating a business account, you only pay after making a sale. You can also cancel your account at any time without incurring any fee. This makes it a convenient means of payment.

3. Integration with other third-party apps: PayPal can integrate with other apps like shopping cart systems, email service providers, and membership sites among others. Therefore, it can work with other applications you have installed to run your online business successfully.

4. Easy to set up and use: It is very easy to open an account with PayPal. You can set up a personal account or business account. If you have a business account, it is linked with a credit card to accept payments. It is much easy to open and operate PayPal compared to opening a conventional merchant account.

5. Multiple services under one roof: PayPal allows you to manage your payment gateway, payment forms, invoicing, or management of virtual terminals. You can easily manage your online payment account.

6. Multiple currencies: PayPal supports multiple currencies from different countries. It supports more than 24 currencies enabling you to receive international payment.

7. Good security: PayPal is excellent in securing the transactions of its users as it gives all-around protection like no other. Unless your login details are shared, it would be very difficult for a hacker to access your funds.

8. Multiple Currencies: PayPal deals on different currencies for both deposits and withdrawals. This makes it available to be used by everyone around the globe. You can receive payment from up to 100 currencies and also withdraw in more than 50 currencies.

9. It has e-commerce support: Of course, many eCommerce websites have integrated PayPal into their system to receive and send funds. This is an awesome benefit for most retail sellers on e-commerce websites like Shopify, as it would be easy to run their business.

10. Easy accessibility: PayPal is easily accessible worldwide which is necessary for it as a payment platform. The record has it that over 300 million persons have access to PayPal which is a great thing for businesses and companies.

11. Payment options: There are lots of payment options available for papal, unlike other payment platforms. You can easily deposit into it with verve, visa card, master card, credit cards, American Express, and others. This makes it easy for everyone to pay into it without stress.


1. High transaction fee: Compared to other payment options, PayPal has the highest transaction fee.

2. Limited seller protection: Seller protection policies do not cover digital goods. In case of disputes with a customer, the customer can keep the digital items even after receiving a refund.

3. Phishing and Fraud scams: Even though PayPal takes security very seriously, it has been a constant target for Phishing and fraud scams. Many people receive emails that they have money in the account even when they haven’t opened an account with PayPal. There are Phishing websites that look exactly like the original PayPal account and are meant to deceive users by requesting certain information.

4. Frozen funds: You’re account can be suspended if suspicious activity is detected and your funds can be frozen for months.

5. Poor Phone call support: It is very difficult to contact customer care for support. They offer inconsistent support services.

6. Customers are temporarily re-directed out of your website: When customers are completing payment of the digital items, they have to temporarily leave your website. Although some customers are familiar with this, others may get confused and cancel the transaction.

7. Account freezing: This is the major issue users of PayPal have been facing In recent years as there have been a lot of complaints on account freezing. This freezing of account mostly happens when the needed verification hasn’t been done.

8. Unreliable phone support: In terms of customer support, PayPal is poor in calling through the phone. As a customer or user with compliant, there is a 99% probability that you won’t be attended to or heard because they hardly function in that aspect.

9. Extra charges: Like most payment platforms, PayPal also takes extra charges from most transactions, no matter how small it is. Most customers consider these charges unnecessary and have raised alarms for them to be stopped.

10. They hold funds for a long time: Of course, PayPal does hold funds for a long time which is bad for them. The funds they hold on are mostly large. They usually give reasons or other means of withdrawing it, even if it is not in their policy.

11. Strict regulations: PayPal got very strict rules and regulations which when violated could lead to easy termination of your account. They are strict unlike other payment systems, which makes businesses companies scared of working with them.