Pros and Cons of Nanotechnology  Review

Pros and Cons of Nanotechnology 

Nanotechnology is referred to as research and innovation concerned with building materials and devices based on atoms and molecules. The measurement of one nanometer is one billionth of a meter.

It is ten times the diameter of a hydrogen atom. On average, the diameter of a human is 80,000 nanometers, and the rules of physics and chemistry do not apply at such scales. Eric Drexler coined the term nanotechnology. He warned about the development of extremely powerful and dangerous technology. He talked about the nanotechnology power in his book Engines of Creation. However, many researchers discredited his theory.

On the other hand, the activists worry about the faster development of nanotechnology. Policymakers have to regulate the use of technology. An informed should take place regarding this serious issue.

In the United States, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology began using nanotech in healthcare research programs in 2005. On the other hand, South Asian countries like Thailand and China planned to expand this technology’s usage. Any sort of technological development comes with advantages and disadvantages. It is the same in the case of nanotechnology; there we go!


1. The change created on the cellular level: Nanotechnology has the potential to restructure items on the cellular level. You can imagine the organic cells instantly turning out into consumable food items.

2. It gives new meaning to the recycling process: Trash could be reusable again with the help of technology. The recycling process gets its new meaning.

3. Extend the Human Life: With the help of nanotechnology, the cells are altered at the core level. Therefore, human life extended in many ways. Difficult diseases like ALS and cancer are cured with the use of the nanotechnology technique.

4. It reduces aging: It is useful to reduce the aging process in human beings. Then, it can extend the average life expectancy of a human being. We should forget that aging is a natural process that could not stop.

5. Self Repairing Technology Creation: Imagine an airplane facing an issue in its hydraulic functions. Once the issue is detected in the airplane, then nanotechnology starts its work to remove the defect. It can save the lives of the passengers who traveled by airplanes. Certain surveys revealed that many people who died in the plane crash happened in the past years. The technology helps repair the problems independently, from a plunged toilet to the home foundation proofing. It turns out to be a beneficial thing for human beings.

6. Nanotechnology can eliminate poverty in many ways: It is not just the thing that nanotechnology can create high-paying jobs. The people in the severe drought areas can create food and water using the matter. Children who took birth with some addiction cured easily. Nanotechnology has the potential to provide equal access to everyone. It is happening for the first time in history. Many people working hard to make both ends meet can get new opportunities with nanotech use. They can get good jobs and a decent lifestyle. Nanotech can bring a major transformation by eliminating the poverty issue from the world.

7. It holds the potential for energy consumption: Nanotechnology holds the potential for energy consumption. It helps to solve the major health problems and clean the environment.

8. It can increase manufacturing at a lower cost: Furthermore, it can increase the manufacturing of the product at less cost. The products of nanotechnology are smaller, cheaper, lighter, and functional. It requires less manufacturing and energy to manufacture things.
One of the most fascinating innovations in technology is nanotechnology. These micro-machines hold the ability to change the industries at one point in time.


1. Nanotechnology could be easily used as a weapon: A good programmer behind nanotechnology can use it for the benefit of humanity. If a manipulative person gets the knowledge of it, then destruction can happen.

2. Potential elimination of a particular species: The weaponization of nanotechnology could lead to the elimination of a particular population from an area. This technology can replicate, making it difficult to defeat the nanotech countermeasures taken to control the technology.

3. It Makes the Current technology system obsolete: There are many sectors in the industry dependent on fossil fuels. Therefore, the extensive use of nanotechnology could make these technologies obsolete.

4. Potential to cause a sudden change in the economy: It can result in a sudden change in economic circumstances. A certain group of the population could face the impact. Then, it would create a new economic classification regarding the production of a thing like gold.

5. It can create a new class system of identity: If the nanotechnologies can wind up providing low-cost health services and food, then there are chances that one nation can make maximum use of this technology. Then, the socioeconomic classes will come up to make use of nanotech. It would create a gap between having and have-not group of people.

6. It may cause unique diseases: Some incidents reported that people suffered from diseases after they inhaled nanoparticles. There are no assurances that the coming of nanotech could solve new problems or not. The situations in the future will become more problematic if there is no solution to new problems.

7. Overuse can lead to the destruction of humanity: Scientists advised about limiting the use of nanotech to save humanity from destruction

8. Widening of the socioeconomic gap: It can widen the socioeconomic gap between the have and have not the group. Only a few nations can afford the technology.


Nanotechnology used in a limit can become a beneficial thing for society. However, a group of wealthy and developed nations can use this technology to improve the healthcare sector. Other nations would struggle to get the advanced things done. However, the researchers have to focus on the issues coming with the extensive use of nanotechnology. Many unique diseases discovered people inhaled nanoparticles in a particular area. With the benefits of nanotechnology, there should be plans to deal with the new problems coming out. Let’s not forget that technology comes with pros and cons. We should plan out how to use it in a better way to eliminate the disadvantages.