Pros and Cons of Motorcycles Review

Pros and Cons of Motorcycles

The sounds of roaring machines, automobiles to be specific, excite many people. The vroom of motorcycles roaring on the nearby road is fascinating. Let us imagine and visualize, the vibrations of the motorcycle as it comes to life, the wind blowing across your face as you speed away… Exciting, isn’t it? Take a moment though to take a look at the pros and cons of motorcycles.

Pros of Motorcycles

1. Cost-friendly. Truth be told, as humans we would rather go for cheap and pocket-friendly commodities at whatever time without batting an eyelid. Compared to vehicles, motorcycles are very cheap. They require less fuel to run and fewer costs of maintenance. Even better, the cost of insurance is lower as compared to that of four-wheeled automobiles.

2. Small in size. Being able to maneuver through traffic jams is a big yes. Motorcycles are small thus allowing the riders to drive through traffic and enabling them to get to their destinations without a hitch. Cleaning it would take lesser time than that of a car because of its small surface area.

3. More parking options. Imagine endless search for parking space at that mall you like, or at school or even on the streets of the city. Frustrating, huh? Well, with a motorcycle, you do not have to worry about that. There are so many parking options other than those specifically reserved for motorcycles because of the small space they occupy-you can park it between cars. Say goodbye to worrying about parking space when you get that motorbike.

4. More environmentally friendly. Burning fuels releases carbon into the atmosphere which in the long run results in global warming and destruction of the ozone layer. Motorcycles need lesser amounts of fuel as compared to cars and trucks. Therefore, the amount of carbon produced by a running motorcycle is less.

5. Way cool. Motorcyclists are thought to be free and rebellious. Riding motorcycles is fun and many times it catches the attention of people. Sometimes, riders speeding away on their motorcycles look like they are shooting one of those action films. Simply put, motorcycles are adventurous.

6. Possibility of customization. As a rider, you can make additions to the general appearance of your motorcycles according to your interests. You can add that Bluetooth speaker and paint it red and blue. Maybe add that bucket seat. The best news is you can customize it at any time and in any way to match your personality.

7. Maintained value. With a motorcycle, there shouldn’t be worry that its value with depreciate with time. When you think of selling your motorcycle you can sell it at the original price or maybe at a price that is a little higher.

8. Good for the health. Depending on your environment, riding motorcycles helps to burn calories as it requires strength and balancing. While riding a motorcycle, you assume a posture that is good for muscle tone and body shape. Not having a cover over your head exposes you as the rider to the sun hence your body gets more Vitamin D.

9. Saves time. Motorcycles are considered fast unlike other means of transport. You have no fear of being caught up in traffic jams since they can maneuver their way between vehicles.

Cons of motorcycles

1. Small in size. Sure it is an advantage in itself, but in a way, it is a huge disadvantage. As a rider, you are limited on space when it comes to what you can carry. Supposing you are with several friends who need a ride…Here is the bad news. You can only give that ride to one of them.

2. Dangerous, unsafe. Motorcycles are way more dangerous than cars. In case of an accident between a motorist and a motorcyclist, the motorcyclist is at higher risk of getting injured or even worse, dying. Remember, motorcycles do not come with safety belts so do not try to pull stunts like those of racing motorcyclists. If you hit an immovable object, you will be flung into the air before landing, and that I guarantee is painful. When riding a motorcycle consider your safety and that of other road users by checking on your speed and concentration on the road. Most of all, wear that helmet all the time when riding.

3. Affected by weather conditions. Not only is it difficult to ride in bad weather but also dangerous. Accidents involving motorcycles are most likely to happen in bad weather. When it is snowing, raining, or windy, visibility is reduced and you are likely to hit something or maybe someone. On slippery or muddy roads, as a rider, you may slip and fall injuring yourself. Let’s not forget how wet you can get when rained on.

4. Vulnerable to accidents. Motorcyclists can easily be run into by motorists while switching lanes or maneuvering. Often, motorists do not see motorcycles on their rear or side mirrors. For motorcyclists who ride too closely to vehicles, they are at great risk when the vehicles break suddenly. Unfortunately, motorcycles do not come with the protection of airbags, bumpers, or doors.

5. Needs a permit or license. The license required to have and operate a motorcycle is different from that needed by vehicle holders. It may take some time before you secure your license which means you will take more time for classes and lessons.

6. Impossible to tow. You need to be prepared in case your motorcycle gets stuck or runs out of fuel. Unlike cars, motorcycles cannot be towed so the only option is for them to be carted away. That is unless you have the strength to push it along for some distance when you are not in any rush.

7. Requires special gear. Before you can ride your motorcycle, you need to get the necessary gear for your safety. You will need a jacket, gloves, helmet, and boots. That is added cost. You will require the proper gear, forget how expensive it might be, safety first.

8. Easily stolen. It is easy for the steering lock to be popped and your motorcycle rolled away without your knowledge. A chain and heavy-duty lock will not help much because eventually the motorcycle may be stolen. It will be troubling to miss your motorcycle where you parked it.