Pros and Cons of Motorcycle Review

Pros and Cons of Motorcycle

In many countries globally, the use of a motorcycle as a means of transport has been on the rise. It is fast, economical; it can access remote areas and places other vehicles cannot, not to mention the thrill obtained from riding it. However, like any other substantial item, it has both its benefits and limitations.


It is less expensive;
as compared to cars, the parts constituting a motorcycle are cheaper. Due to this, it is easier to maintain a motorcycle due to its small size as one can do most of the repair on their own just by having a little knowledge.

2. It expends less gas; the motorcycle possesses a small engine; therefore, this reduces the amount of gas used by the vehicle during its use. Because of this, the rider saves enough money and not to mention time since he or she does not have to stop regularly at a petrol station to refill gas.

3. It is effortless to park; compared to the space a car occupies, a motorcycle occupies minimal space. For this reason, it is so easy to park a bike anywhere without experiencing difficulties associated with other vehicles. Moreover, it saves time since finding the parking space does not take long.

4. It is flexible; with a motorcycle when it comes to traffic jams, it is easier to maneuver your way through other vehicles and continue with your journey. Also, it can find a path to follow where there is no blockage by the traffic jam that other cars cannot; hence this enhances its flexibility.

5. It offers thrill instead of boredom; many riders get an adrenaline rush when riding a motorcycle, which provides no room for boredom. Consequently, it enhances attentiveness as compared to car rides where people get bored and even end up sleeping, something that can lead to dire consequences.


1. It is susceptible to adverse weather conditions; since the motorcycle does not possess roofs used for protection from both higher and lower temperatures, it becomes less effective. Before venturing out with a bike, one needs to check the weather condition to ensure that they will reach their destination without any difficulty.

2. It lacks enough space; the motorcycle lacks space due to its structure formation. Therefore it cannot aid in moving heavy substances as other vehicles do hence another feature making it less reliable. Additionally, the number of its passengers is limited, too, due to its small space.

3. It is dangerous; the motorcycle does not have safety measures like seat belts and airbags. Therefore, in case of an accident, they are usually fatal, and most of its casualties do not always have the luck of surviving. Hence one needs to be more cautious when riding it.

4. It is susceptible to stealing; stealing of motorcycle is something done fast as the energy and time required for the act is minimal. Especially the targeted ones are the types deemed on demand, not to mention they are lighter and easily accessible; hence it is essential to keep an eye on your motorcycle.

5. There is a lack of notice by non-motorists drivers; some of the drivers are always not aware of the presence of motorcycle readers on the road. They are not visible in both rear and side mirrors, which could be catastrophic as they could be crashed into in the process.