Pros and Cons of Living near the Power Lines Review

Pros and Cons of Living near the Power Lines

One of the major factors people consider when buying a house is whether it’s near the power lines (substation). Living near the power lines is associated with health issues though not enough study to support this.

There are few people willing to buy a house while others may reject it simply because it is close to the power lines. There are some concerns like powerlines that may cause cancer or leukemia in children although there is not enough study to support this.


1. Lower prices: Houses near the power line are sold at a slightly lower price in order to attract buyers. Therefore, if you’re on a fixed budget, consider buying a property in areas where the power line pass.

2. Privacy: If you love privacy, this is a great place to live in since only a few people like to live near the power lines. The houses are further spaced from each other.

3. Fast services in case of power outages: In case of an outage, the power technicians respond much faster. They inspect the substation power source and ensure the individuals in the surrounding area have a constant supply of electricity.

4. Easily find out the EMF in the area: Before buying the property in that area, you can contact the power authority and know the strength of the EMF of the powerlines. You can also get substation survey reports that highlight the risk associated with living near the power lines.

5. Safe homes: If your mortgage provider followed the current laws that state all homes should be 50 meters from the power lines then it is considered a safety risk. You don’t have to worry about any electromagnet fields in the area.

6. Healthy: most people are worried about the increase of power lines in the modern world. They are worried about high voltage power lines because they are large structures that may appear like a health threat. In 2002, the World Health Organization carried out research to examine the link between magnetic and electrical fields to human health. The findings showed there is no strong evidence that mutation is directly caused by extremely low-frequency magnetic fields. In addition to that, there is no evidence that shows the electromagnetic field causes cancer.

7. Easy to get a dream home: the houses are spacious, beautiful, and give great views from all angles. Moreover, you can experience attractive views through the window by looking at nearby power lines. Real estate investors ensure the houses are quality in order to attract people. This is because most individuals do not want to buy houses near power lines. Additionally, the prices are affordable, unlike other places.

8. Supply of power: power lines are used to distribute electric power in different places. This process uses transformers that increase levels of voltage hence it can be transmitted for long distances. The introduction of high voltage lines is another workload. This means that people who are living near power lines benefit from the first electricity supply.

9. Restriction laws: the government has restriction laws when it comes to housing near power lines. It ensures the houses are constructed 600 meters away from the fields and the emf has lower strength.

10. Trees and building lower emf: materials such as trees and buildings serve as shields. Henceforth, the electric fields coming from power lines are reduced by walls and materials. The best place to purchase a house near power lines is the presence of trees. Ensure there are many trees and buildings for peace of mind.


1. A potential issue with an increasing mortgage: Mortgages keep on raising and sometimes you may find yourself paying more than the initial agreement if you rely on mortgage homes.

2. Difficult to sell property: As many people fear buying homes near the power lines, it makes it difficult to get someone willing to buy the property. It can also take some time before getting someone to buy at a fair deal.

3. The potential risk of catching fire: Heavy rains accompanied by storms may destroy the powerlines and some extent may cause a fire. This may lead to the destruction of the property nearby.

4. Noise: The power lines produce a buzzing sound which can be disturbing. This is one of the reasons why many people won’t prefer buying a home where the powerlines pass.

5. Negative perception: There is a lot of negative perception of buying a property close to the powerlines. This makes many people uncomfortable thus not willing to buy or even rent an apartment near the power lines.

6. Risk of leukemia: the main cause of leukemia is genetic and environmental factors. Mostly, it affects children under the age of 15 years and adults above 55 years. In 2005, a study raised alarm about childhood leukemia and power line with high voltage. Gerald draper and other workers found that living less than 200 meters from power lines causes leukemia. It is recommended to live about 600 meters from the poles.

7. Reduce property values: real estate investors and property agents argue that power lines affect the price of houses. Power lines lower about 30% of home values. This is because most people are afraid to purchase houses near electromagnetic fields hence the costs have to be reduced to attract buyers.

8. ELF radiation: use of electricity generates, transmits, distributes, and exposes ELF radiation to people. All electrical-based devices including power lines, televisions, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, and household wiring transmit radiation. The strength of electromagnetic radiation depends on the distance from the source. The strongest is when someone stays near the source for a long time. This is why it is recommended to measure strength before you live. Also, you should live 600 meters away from the lines to ensure safety.

9. Strong current: power has a strong current that can kill or injure people. It is important to be away from the poles.