Pros and Cons of living in Spokane WA Review

Pros and Cons of living in Spokane WA

Spokane WA is a place situated in Washington. Washington is the place that belongs to the third-largest metro area and stands with the motto “Near nature, near-perfect.”According to the sayings, Spokane WA is surrounded by greenery space and lakes, resorts, and high mountains. Among them, there is some path to make the rides to enjoy this along with their nature. I know you might be contemplating the uniqueness of this place and possibly whether it would be an ideal destination for you. Follow me as I highlight the Pros and Cons of living in Spokane WA.


1. There are many colleges: Spokane WA is an educational hub and provides a perfect learning ambiance for the people who stick with it. Institutions like Gonzaga, Spokane CC, and Washington State Univ-Spokane are around the Spokane WA vicinity. There are some medical colleges also found for people to pursue their nursing here. So, it would not be a mistake for one to say that Spokane WA is the temple of education where the people can get educated at will.

2. Recreational activities: Spokane WA is not only the place to get educated, but it is also the place to refresh the minds by involving in activities such as fishing and kayaking.

3. It is a place for a memorable adventure: Spokane WA houses a number of flora and fauna that will surely tickle your fancy.
Some lakes allow visitors to have skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling. Apart from this, a mountain view can be enjoyed from the 28 minutes from downtown.

4. Cultural attractions: Many activities are happening here by projecting their culture. The northwest museum of arts and culture is where the culture is preserved as a great treasure here. It includes a deep history with many interesting facts, and the art exhibit projects the richest heritage of native America.

5. Festivals: This locality is the place where people are in the celebration mode throughout the year. Festivals like Bloom’s day, Hoop fest, and aging entertainment talent are very famous here. The fun does not end up here; it goes with classical music theaters and venues.

6. Fully-packed markets and stores for shopping: There are grocery stores and shopping malls situated nearer to the live arena, making the people more comfortable meeting their basic needs quickly.


1. High crime rate: Amid many things to enjoy in Spokane WA, crimes are one of the significant things that make people scared of living there.

2. Lack of economic diversification: These areas have no proper infrastructure. There is a wider number of tech industries and healthcare industries only.

3. Drug issues: Drugs are a major threat to society. People who belong to this area are getting the drugs quickly at nominal rates. This makes many youngsters addicted to drugs. Most youngsters are getting attracted to this easily and spoiling their lives without knowing the harmful effects of drugs.

4. Kids may be influenced: Considering the high rate of drug abuse, kids are more likely to be swayed into drugs by their peers.

5. Not suitable for business-inclined people: There is no diversification in the economic sector; hence, this place is not a perfect cocoon for business-minded people.

6. The Amenities are not up to par: Compared to other nearby cities, Spokane WA’s basic amenities are relatively poor and hardly meet the required standards.