Pros and Cons of Living in New Mexico Review

Pros and Cons of Living in New Mexico

New Mexico is a great state which has welcomed a lot of immigrants from other American states. The state has colorful historic centuries, UFO sightings, and other features that attract people to the state.


1. Cost of living: The cost of living in New Mexico is very low than the average national cost thus attracting low incoming earners to the state. Albuquerque and Santa Fe are the biggest metro areas at affordable prices.

2. Housing cost: Many people decide to move to this state due to low housing costs. The houses have medium list prices making them 5% cheaper than the national average prices.

3. Unique culture and traditions: New Mexico is a historic site that has a long history with many ties with the Native tribes and diverse ethnicity. There are big communities from Asian and other American tribes that contribute to the unique culture of the state.

4. Historic sites: There are plenty of historic sites you can visit in New Mexico. The traditional buildings have an architectural style with artwork, paintings, and pottery. Visitors enjoy traditional dances and food cuisines which are greatly influenced by Spanish and Mexican dishes.

5. Beautiful scenery: If you love nature then this is the place to be. The state has a beautiful landscape where you can take a walk into the desert or the beautiful mountains in the surrounding area. The warm climate allows you to spend an evening relaxing at the riverbank while watching canyons and valleys in the area.

6. Affordable education: living in Mexico is the best place for undergraduate programs or college degrees after high school. The cost of the fee is about $3000 every year. Students receive a quality education without digging into the budget. In addition to that, the colleges have good performance and let learners pursue diverse careers.

7. Rare traffic: traffic congestion has become a problem since 1950. This issue is most common in developed cities across the world. It is caused by People living on different routes hence the need to commute to work. Also, it is brought by the movement to the city to get goods and services. Traffic jams result in frustration, collisions, pollution, and delay. New Mexico has rare traffic jams that can be managed.

8. Friendly people: moving to a friendly environment is crucial and the most important thing to put on your list. This is because you will be in a new place, therefore, you need guidance. South Asian communities are hospitable to new people. If you cross someone’s lane, the person will not throw shades on you like in other countries. They will speak their grievances and you can end up grabbing a coffee.

9. Ethnic diversity: New Mexico is one of the diverse states with different ethnic groups. The state has over 70 ethnicities with 51.4% being born in the state and others being immigrants from other states. You may find residents with 2 or more races win this state.

10. Diverse cuisines: Countries like the United States have common foods like burgers, pizza, and hotdogs. New Mexico is a good place for sampling various cuisines. This region has several ethnicities including American culture, Spanish culture, African culture, Mexican, and Latino. You will enjoy tasting new food.

11. Life is slower: people live to their fullest in this state. You can dress anything you want and nobody will be concerned. Additionally, citizens enjoy life in clubs, fancy restaurants, and fun activities.

12. No vehicle policies: It is easy to own a car because the state does have inspections for vehicles. Tags can be renewed online thus making the process to be convenient. Moreover, the roads do not have much snow like the North American state. Also, you will not worry about the salty roads.


1. Job opportunities: The current unemployment rate in New Mexico is 7% which is high compared to the average national rate which is 4.1%. The state was ranked 43rd in states with good career opportunities by Wallet Hub with a high-paying career being health care services.

2. Quality of education: High school graduation rate and 4-year college education are below the national average. Most people in rural areas suffer from generational poverty making it difficult to access quality education.

3. Ethnic diversity: New Mexico is one of the diverse states with different ethnic groups. The state has over 70 ethnicities with 51.4% being born in the state and others being immigrants from other states. You may find residents with 2 or more races win this state.

4. High crime rates: The state has a high rate of violent crimes which is fueled by a low employment rate in the area. There is a high number of property crimes compared to the national average.

5. Poor roads and traffic: The rural areas have poor road conditions with 25% of rural roads leading to increased traffic. Areas with mountainous roads are not safe for driving in.

6. Poverty: the issue of unemployment results in rising poverty levels. Henceforth, you have to wait for employment before you move to the state.

7. Inconvenient weather patterns: Albuquerque is above sea level. This means the temperatures are warm throughout the year. January and December are the coldest. June to September have high temperatures then drops in October. This weather pattern can be inconvenient for some people. However, it will be fun if you get used to hot temperatures and summer rains.

8. PoorDrugs: Generally, Mexico is known to have drug crimes. Albuquerque has low wages, poverty problems and most families do not get access to opportunities. This makes citizens take part in drug-related crimes. As a result of this, people die from high crime rates.

9. You need to be an active parent: it has poor schools that do not offer quality education. Most learners in the junior class and lower grades cannot handle English and mathematics test.

10. Wind: the state is not ideal for a person with allergic reactions to dust. The wind moves at high speed during dry seasons and creates noise. Be prepared for seasonal storms.