Pros and Cons of Living in Las Vegas Review

Pros and Cons of Living in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. The city is commonly known as the sin city as many people come to the place to gamble and party. There are amazing bright lights, casinos, and lots of places to buy alcohol 24/7.


1. Master-planned communities: There are various master-planned communities throughout the Las Vegas cities. The communities provide you with a rich suburban lifestyle. There are a lot of amenities and convenient places accessible to all.

2. Great weather: Although the summer months are very brutal, other seasons have great weather for outdoor activities. The winter month can be chilly but it’s bearable. Therefore, 3/5 of the year has a favorable climate.

3. Variety of outdoor sports: Los Vegas has a lot to offer. If you love outdoor activities, you will have access to amazing outdoor sports within the town. The city not only has the strip and Fremont street but also has various mountains and rock climbing options. There are so many national parks close by.

4. Low cost of living: The cost of living is reasonable in Las Vegas compared to other cities. You can get a house for sale at a reasonable price or rent an apartment for as low as $760 although this depends on the city you’re living in.

5. Job opportunities: There are a lot of jobs in the hospitality industry since the state has a lot of casinos, hotels, restaurants, bars, and other tourist attraction sites. Therefore, there are plenty of opportunities in other industries like health, technology, manufacturing, and financial services.

6. Less traffic: Traffic in Vegas is bearable compared to other places. Although almost everyone owns a car to ease transportation, you can easily find parking in most places except when at the strip or downtown.

6. Awesome weather: Apart from the 3 months that are extremely hot in Las Vegas, the other 9 months have beautiful weather conditions. The temperature is cool and sunny at a moderate level and that makes it an interesting place to live in.

7. Outdoor recreational activities: In Las Vegas, there are more than enough outdoor recreational activities to engage yourself with. Activities like biking, boating, and other games are done in this city. With the beautiful weather, you’re sure to enjoy yourself with these recreational activities.

8. There is always something to do: Of course, living in Las Vegas, you can never be bored as there would always be something to do. As I emphasized earlier, the city is lively 247 and that is rare in most places.

9. Affordability: Living in Las Vegas is highly affordable, and that is a surprise as the city is so beautiful to be that affordable. Unlike most big cities in America, you can easily rent an apartment and live comfortably.

10. Unique places: There are unique places to enjoy and have a great experience in just a single visit. Places like amazing sites with excellent history and structures. With these unique places, you and your family would certainly have a nice time.


1. Gambling: Las Vegas is known for its extravagant lifestyle. You can have access to casinos, and bars operating 24/7. If not careful, you may end up consumed in this lifestyle thus becoming spiraling out of control.

2. Hot summers: The summer months are very hot, especially the month of June, July, and August. If you have a swimming pool at home, it can make the dry heat months bearable

3. No fresh produce: There is no good farmer’s market making it difficult to get fresh farm products in the market.

4. No public transport: Vegas is a driving city and you must have your own car to move from point A to B. there are several buses but they’re not convenient.

5. Crime rate: There is a high crime rate in the area although this depends on the town you’re living in.

6. Dry and desert climate: Vegas has a dry and desert-like climate. As a result, you have to keep moisturized and have humidifiers. It’s also not green and if you love a green environment full of trees, then Vegas is not a good place for you.

6. Harsh sunny weather: As I said earlier, in a year, there are 3 months in a year with harsh sunny conditions, and it’s between June and August. The weather condition in these months is crazy and most times unbearable unless you have a pool in your home.

7. Lack of greenery: There is not much greenery in Las Vegas apart from golf fields. The reason is because of the sunny weather condition most times of the year. Most people can’t live in places with few or no trees. This is one big disadvantage of living in a sin city.

8. It lags on trending things: When it comes to trending or the latest stuff in the country, Las Vegas would always be among the last to experience it. From trending foods, wears, music, and many others, Las Vegas tends to lag in such.

9. No public transportation: Although there are few buses at some bus stops, it is rare for you to see one hop into your place of work. So, you would certainly need a car to go about your daily activities.  This would be difficult for those without cars and finance to buy one.

10. Gambling: Gambling is considered a game by the citizens of Las Vegas, but it is bad stuff as lots of people have lost their homes and fortune. Even if you’re not into it, you could be pressurized into it and you may regret it in the end.