Pros and Cons of Living in Florida Review

Pros and Cons of Living in Florida

Do you want to move to Florida? There are plenty of reasons why you should move to this sunshine state in the US and why you should not. The state is well known for its tropical climate, sandy beaches, and diverse wildlife. This sunshine state is quite populous and has a unique life experience to offer to its residents. Florida is not for everyone, evaluate the various pros and cons before making your decision.


1. No state income: If you live in Florida, you don’t have to worry about paying income tax. The state doesn’t collect income tax from individuals and this saves you a high income-tax bracket.

2. World-class beaches: There is a wide variety of beaches and state parks you can visit anytime and have a great and relaxing time. The warm weather in the area allows you to go swimming or diving at any time of the day. You can also go yachting and sailing on the coast within a day.

3. Great for outdoor sports: If you love outdoor sports, Florida is a great place to be. You can play golf and tennis among other sports activities in their high-quality facilities in the area. There are plenty of theme parks and recreational venues for the entire family.

4. Warm weather: The state experience warm weather all-year-round, so you don’t have to worry about snow in the winter

5. Lower housing costs: You can buy a home at a relatively lower price in some parts of Florida. There is also a low cost of living in some parts of Florida. The cost of living in the south of Florida is very high with high crime rates.

6. Good weather: Florida or known as the sunshine state is one of the states with good weather. The state lies closer to the equator hence it gets strong sunlight, unlike other states. Also, the warm climate is caused by inland lakes, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic Ocean. It has warm and long summers while winters are cool.  In addition to that, most of its natural resources are affected by the weather.

7. It does not have snow: It is uncommon for Florida to experience snow except for parts of northern areas in the state. This is because of the subtropical climate, low latitude, and infrequent cold temperatures. These factors do not support snowfall. Moreover, the snow has several disadvantages like destroying trees that can fall on structures. It also causes difficulty in traveling and affects the supply of water for farming and electricity.

8. Discounts on local attractions: Residents get a 50% discount on the admission on locations attractions such as Walt Disney World Resort. The tickets are bought at onsite admissions and you should produce proof of being a residence.

9. Snowbirds: For over 100 years, snowbirds have traveled to the state during winter. The most popular snowbird destination is near art museums, art galleries, sports, palm beaches, and theaters.

10. Outdoor entertainment: This state has a lot of fun activities like walking on scenic trails, diving, wilderness, beautiful beaches, festivals, and events.


1. Hot summers months: During the summer months, the place is very hot and even when you’re under a shade, you will sweat a lot. You have to use air conditioning almost all year. There is also high humidity in the area.

2. Experience natural disaster sometimes: The state experience heavy rains followed by thunderstorms and lightning strikes which can affect electricity in the area. If hurricanes occur near where you live, they can be very destructive.

3. Extremely flat area: If you love hilly areas with mountains and valleys to drive around or hike, then Florida is not for you. There are terrible drivers you have to cross when driving around.

4. High insurance cost: You will be forced to pay higher insurance rates if you live in this state.

5. Big bugs: There are a lot of bugs in the area with some very big in sizes like fruit flies and roaches. There are a lot of snakes, scorpions, and spiders in the area.

6. Many bugs: Florida has various species of bugs such as cockroaches, millipede, fleas, termites, and ants. Insects love places with a warm and humid climates. Besides that, human activities in Florida are the reason for bugs.  According to the National Survey, it is ranked as the worst bug state with an infestation. However, you can prevent the bugs from investing in your house. Seal foundation walls, seal exterior walls, seal snacks, and dedicate time to control pests.

7. Wild animals: Snakes are common in fresh water like lakes, streams, and swampy areas. In the past years, the state had been struggling with pythons after homeowners released python pets. Additionally, alligators have become a problem in the state. They are available in all the 67 counties and people have learned to live with them. You should be extra careful when you live in waterfront areas because human activities bring more alligators.

8. High car insurance costs: According to the auto list, the state is the third with high insurance. Car insurance in Florida is expensive due to several factors. For instance, busy roadways are prone to accidents hence the rise in costs.  The weather in Florida is unpredictable; it can result in hurricanes and storms. Furthermore, sunshine city has a high number of uninsured drivers.  It has also high-risk drivers like tourists, old people, and students who seek higher education in universities and colleges.

9. Flat: Florida is the flattest state in the United States. It has 230 feet high hence it becomes flat. Moreover, it was a plateau that stayed underwater for years.

10. Many tourists: Florida records over 127 million tourists throughout the year.  Tourists have positive and negative impacts on the economy. One main disadvantage is increasing the cost of living.