Pros and Cons of Living in Cape Coral Florida Review

Pros and Cons of Living in Cape Coral Florida

Cape Coral Florida is a waterfront wonderland state located along the Gulf of Mexico. The state has plenty of coastlines making it a great place for the beach lifestyle. Some various islands and canals stretch to over 400 miles. The canals form part of the Cape Coral, fl lifestyle as many people live along the canals and use boats to move from one area to another.


1. Waterfront living: Cape Coral has the highest number of canals in the world with houses built along the canals. The beautiful view of the waterfront gives you a great beach life experience. If you love living close to the waters, this is a great place for you.

2. Attractive places to go: The town is located close to many destinations and it has various Florida attraction sites. Living in this sunshine town you will have easy access to universal studios, Walt Disney World, Seaworld, and access nearby theme parks.

3. Plenty of opportunities: Cape Coral town has plenty of job opportunities, you don’t have to worry about employment once you move to this town. The job market keeps on growing hence there are few unemployment cases.

4. Plenty of outdoor activities: Once in the area, you will have plenty of recreational activities to do like going swimming, sunbathing, boating, canyoning, having a sunset view of various islands as well as watching birds. There are several museums and parks to visit.

5. Low cost of living: Many people choose to move to this state due to the low cost of living. It is also a great place for those retiring compared to other cities in the state. The sales tax in the area ranges between 6 to 7.5% which is very low compared to other places.

6. Low crime rate: Compared to other towns, Cape Coral has a low crime rate making it an ideal place to live in.

7. Beautiful beaches: Florida State has many beaches for tourists and locals. Top beaches in coral are Captiva beach, lighthouse Beach Park, lovers key state park, Lynn hall memorial park, and yacht community park.

8. Brewing Company: Cape Coral is proud of featuring old companies in south Florida. Local breweries are glad to allow tourists to taste the local lifestyle. Famous companies include momentum brewhouse, Cape Coral brewing company, and Fort Myers brewing company. You can visit the self-guided brewery to learn more experience.

9. Great climate: The temperature throughout the year is about 56 degrees to 91 degrees. Summers are hot, cloudy, wet, and long. Winters are the windy, clear sky, short and comfortable. The hot season begins from 15th May to 3rd October with an average of 87degrees. The cool season starts from December 7th to the 29th of February with an average temperature of 77 degrees.

10. Boat excursions: You will enjoy the amazing boat experience. There are the best locations for individuals who are looking for boat tours and other water sports. Boat rentals are affordable, maintained, and well organized. The boat agency offers an iPad to tourists that help with navigation. It is effective and simple to use.

11. Local market: The market is best for fresh and local products such as seafood, a wide range of fruits, vegetables, bread, pastries, donuts, jam, cheese, plants, and trees. It has art pieces, jewelry, and handmade crafts. The atmosphere is welcoming as the music plays in the background and the people are friendly. The local market is going to grow seeing that seeds are planted in south Florida.

12. Good education: The city has several elementary, and middle schools, and private and public high schools. It has also charter schools that do not charge tuition fees. Public and private schools offer high education standards and top performance.  According to test scores, these schools have a high average unlike other institutions in the nation.

Cape Coral, fl public schools use a lottery system that selects learners randomly. The second and third options are available after the first spots have remained. In addition to that, Cape Coral has various vocational training colleges, technical institutions, colleges, and universities. You can consider higher education in the city after high school.

13. Festivals: Cape Coral has many festival events that take place throughout the year. The shows are the largest in South Florida and it is ranked as 75 best in the United States. It features more than 200 artists in pottery, painting, jewelry, craft, media, photography, sculpture, and metal works. Moreover, the city is home to over 2500 owls, the exhibition is done in February. There is a food exhibition, racing on boats, a coconut festival, Irish festivals, craft beer, mango mania, fireworks, and parades.


1. Prone to hurricanes: The place experiences hurricanes that can be a huge disaster, especially for those living along the canals.

2. High housing cost: It is very expensive to buy a house in this town, especially for the houses built along the canals. You also have to pay more on property taxes and insurance due to flooding in the area.

3. Not planned for tourists: The place was established as a planned community and not large for tourism activities. Locals argue that the presence of tourists increases the standards of living in the area.

4. Cold winter seasons: The place has a long winter season that experiences from December to March. There is no snow but lighter rainfall in winter.

5. Flat terrain: If you love living in a mountainous area or where there are valleys, Cape Coral is not for you.

6. Limited public transport: Due to the high number of canals, there are few alternatives to land travel. There are few buses to provide public transport in the area.

7. Bugs: homeowners’ research shows that Florida is the worst state with large and many bugs. These insects are common because of the climate. The humid and warm climate is favorable for arthropods.

8. Snakes: Florida is home to more than 40 snake species. This includes python, black racers, coachwhips, and non-venomous.

9. Alligators: according to Florida wildlife conservation, there are about 1.3 million alligators. They live in swamps, lakes, and marsh areas.

10. Insurance costs: Florida has higher insurance costs, unlike other states.