Pros and Cons of Living in California Review

Pros and Cons of Living in California

California State experiences mild winter with great weather all year round. The state has plenty of beaches you can visit in the morning and mountains you can walk into in the afternoon. If you’re planning to move to California, take a close look at the following pros and cons of living in the diversity of this landscape.


1. Plenty of palm trees: Seeing these beautiful trees every day in your backyard window makes you fall in love with the place more.

2. Excellent weather: California has pretty good weather compared to other states. It’s only during the rainy season you can experience temperatures going up to 60+ degrees, otherwise, the weather is cool all year round.

3. Mountainous state: If you love hiking and nature walking, California is a great place to be. It never feels old going for a hike every week. The mountains provide peaceful and beautiful scenery you can enjoy every time you walk up the mountain.

4. Happy people: Although California has high living standards, everyone is satisfied with how they live in the state. According to the public poll, more people in California are happier compared to those in other states. The place also has an affluent neighborhood where people live as happy families.

5. Easy access to social amenities: The state has easy access to functional medical facilities, schools, transport services, and other facilities within a very short time. In Northern California, you can experience a ton of farm life and agricultural activities.

6. Plenty of outdoor activities: You can walk to any beach in a couple of hours or minutes and experience a cool ocean breeze as well as participate in water sports activities. If you love entertainment, you can walk into Disneyland and have a fantastic time.

7. Lots of entertainment: California is renowned as a place to be for entertainment. Whether you love exploring monuments or you enjoy night living, you can have that in California. The city has various nightclubs, restaurants, museums, dance studios, bars, and monuments to visit.

8. The Beaches: When you live in California, it means you are staying closer to the beach. If you love water, you can fish; go boating, surfing, sailing and much more. Even if you do not like the oceans, you can still enjoy playing sand volleyball, rollerblading, working out, or just laying under the sun.

9. Job Opportunities: This state has an endless variety of job opportunities. There is a diverse set of industries including agriculture, trade, and tourism that contribute to its strong economy and different types of career options.

10. Hollywood: Hollywood is one of the most iconic sights in California. Visit here to explore the history of the golden age of cinema. Besides, you can find some star-spotting along Hollywood Boulevard and in the Hollywood Hills.

11. Education System: California has plenty of public and private schools and colleges that lure people across the world. Here, the education system is excellent and people living in California tend to be more educated.

12. Never Far from Anything: When you live in California, you can be at the beach in 5 minutes or among rolling hills in 15 minutes. Both the beach and mountains are an hour away from you. You can be at any restaurant just after walking some steps. Overall, everything you can imagine is closer to you.


1. Cost of living: If you live near San Francisco, the cost of living is very high. The housing cost is very high making living in California very expensive.

2. High tax burden: California has the highest overall tax burden in the US. This makes people move out of this state.

3. High overall crime rate: Based on crime rate statistics in the US, California has the highest overall crime rate compared to other states. If you’re moving to one of the California neighborhoods with your children, you should look at the crime rate of the surrounding area and where your children go to school.

4. Poor health services: According to US research on the quality of health care services, California has poor medical services compared to other states. Although the residents there believe they have the best health care services than other states.

5. Too many people: There are so many people in California, therefore, if you don’t like a congested place, then this state is not for you.

6. Traffic congestion: Due to the high number of people living in the state, especially the southern area, there is a lot of traffic as everyone owns a car.

7. Strict Laws: Another con of living in California is its strict and various laws. Like, here people are not allowed to sleep on the road. A man cannot go outside unless his jacket and pants match. These rules sound completely unnecessary but Californians have to follow these laws.

8. The Crime: Some parts of California see higher crimes rates than any other state. It may be the reason for high popularity, more people equals more crime. Although, there are many safe towns and cities that you need to find if you are planning to move to California.

9. Natural Disaster: Despite having perfect weather sometimes Mother Nature gets angry. This causes all kinds of natural disasters in California including wildfires, earthquakes, landslides, mudslides, and droughts. These unsudden natural disasters are like punishing Californians for living in one of the best places in the country.

10. Inner-state Rivalry: Very few people know that the state was at war itself. This war is a bit of a stretch, but it surely brings some bad vibes flying between NorCal and SoCal- and even sometimes a third area that tries to enter L.A., called itself Coastal Cal.

11. Quality of Healthcare: Although California is in the top position in terms of job opportunities and other factors it’s the overall quality of medical services is not as good as it is in many other states of the USA. But a lot of people believe that access to healthcare is better in this state than elsewhere.

12. Air Pollution: Air pollution is one of the major issues in the state. Here, smog clods are quite normal during daylight hours. Unfortunately, California faces air pollution issues more than any other state in the nation.

Bottom Line:
There you have it- major pros and cons of living in California. I hope, this guide will help you to make the right decision. Now, it’s up to you, whether you want to be a Californian or not, take your decision smartly, and good luck!