Pros and Cons of iPhone X Review

Pros and Cons of iPhone X

iPhone X is an Apple product with an A11 bionic processor. The phone has been loaded with a variety of exceptional features you can boost of. If you’re a fan of Apple devices, look at the following pros and cons of the iPhone X before making buying decisions.


1. Face ID: Apple has added face Id as part of its security feature. It uses the TrueDepth camera to capture your face and unlock the phone. It also allows you to use Face ID to authenticate payments for any purchases made in the app store.

2. Dual camera: The phone’s sensors provide true-to-life colors and they’re very fast. The camera provides excellent picture quality and texture. When you zoom pictures, they maintain the same quality as the original image.

3. Animoji: The animoji feature allows you to change your face to that of an animal like a monkey, panda, or any animal of your choice. Animojis mimic one’s expression. You can also record animojis with your voice. You can easily share the information created with others or even send it through a message. The animojis can also mimic your own movements.

4. Augmented Reality: iPhone X supports augmented reality features making the phone more useful and helpful in overlaying digital graphics information. iPhone x will allow users to see digital images that are overlaid in the real world.

5. Water resistance: The phone can be immersed in water for almost 30 minutes without any error

6. Fast wireless charging: iPhone X offers fast wireless (WI-FI) charging using inductive power. This puts the phone on a very competitive edge.

7. Excellent processor speed: With iPhone X, you will banish the demons of slow phones. You will open apps, play games, and carry out other heavy tasks within a blink without hitches. The iPhone X has a 64-bit Architecture and an A11 Bionic chip and they are blended with an M11 motion processor. The iPhone X guarantees you enjoyable gaming experiences.

8. Water and dust resistant: The iPhone X is rated as IP67 which implies that it is resistant to dust. More so, you can immerse it in water for 30 minutes up to 3.3 feet without hitches. You don’t have to worry about yourself when taking your bath because you can comfortably go with your iPhone X to the shower or swimming pool.

9. The OLED displays bold and beautiful images: The OLED display is one of the most appealing features of the iPhone X. It stands out as a unique brand among previous Apple smartphones. The iPhone X displays stunning and bold pictures and clearly displays true colors. The contrast ratio of the screen is 1,000,000 to 1 and the brightness is massive.

10. Portrait Mode Is Sharp: Both the front camera and back camera of the iPhone X offer support to the Portrait mode. The front camera is 8 megapixels, it is very sharp, and can take selfies in the portrait format. You can tweak your shots by selecting artistic modes and backgrounds. You can create incredible with iPhone X. The back camera is 12 megapixels and it has a wide-angle. The portrait lighting feature allows it to produce images with studio-quality lighting effects.

11. No Physical Home button: With its bezel-less display, the iPhone X does not use the physical home button. More so, it has a feature that allows the animojis to mimic your movements and actions.


1. Expensive: The cost of the iPhone X is about $999 which is very expensive compared to other smartphones of its type.

2. No home button: If you’re more used to using the home button, you may find it difficult to operate the iPhone x without the home button. All the apps are closed in a particular manner.

3. Fast charging doesn’t come for free: iPhone X has a fast-charging feature but it doesn’t come for free. To make use of this feature, you have to pay an additional $49 to buy a USB drive.
The wireless charging works within a distance of 15 feet.

4. Full glass display: Full glass display is the biggest weakness of this phone. The glass material is very fragile and prone to break. Therefore, you have to be very careful when using the phone to avoid breaking it.

5. IOS bugs: The phone has some annoying ios bugs which contribute to the phone’s weakness.

6. No iris scanner: Compared to Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9, the iPhone x doesn’t have an inbuilt scanner.

7. It is bulky in the pocket: The iPhone X is relatively big in size and will feel heavy in your pockets. If you prefer using wallets, you may find it difficult to fit them in your wallet. As such, you are likely to look for alternative wallets or carriers for your iPhone X.

8. You will have a hard time mastering the notch: The notch of the iPhone X will confuse many users and they will need ample time to master it. There is strangeness in missing a section while playing games or watching videos. Swiping through the left, right, up, and down of the notch at a glance at the control center or notification center is confusing and you will need time to master the procedure.

9. Few color options:

The iPhone X does not come with a wide range of color options. Available now is the silver and space gray colors. The iPhone X has a fewer color options when compared with previous versions

10 Intermittent black screen and no split-screen: Another regular Con of iPhone X is that the screen turns black intermittently. More so, it does not have the split-screen feature which allows users to multitask on one screen.

11 Battery drain and weird dual camera:  Regular draining of battery is a bit low down for iPhone X. As we know, you can never enjoy your smartphone to the fullest if the battery is leaky. More so, the dual-lens camera is vertical and with a weird design.