Pros and Cons of iPhone 7 Review

Pros and Cons of iPhone 7

iPhone 7 is one of the Apple phone models with excellent features worthy of an upgrade. The phone was released in September 2016 and it has had its share of pros and cons. Let’s evaluate them and help you decide whether it’s the right choice for you or not.


1. Notable camera: iPhone 7 camera is one of the exciting features for those who love taking excellent pictures. The rear camera comes with 12 megapixels that allow you to capture stunning images.

2. Water-resistant: iPhone 7 is water-resistant, you don’t have to worry about any water splashes on your phone. The phone can also survive dust.

3. Battery life: iPhone 7 has an extended battery life compared to iPhone 6 models and other models. It provides an hour of extra power use.

4. Wireless Earplugs: Apple introduced a small new wireless earplug commonly known as Airpod to allow users to connect to the phone wirelessly through the use of lightning ports. Wireless headphone is a new technology and one has to keep track of them.

5. High-performance A10 chip: Apple 7 introduced a high-performance A10 chip that enhances the performance of the iPhone. The phone memory starts at 32 GB which is enough storage for all your apps. This will allow you to say goodbye to those pop-ups that keep on alerting you when out of space.

6. Powerful dual speakers: The new model has powerful dual speakers adding to the unique features of the phone.

7. The graphics display is great: The graphics of the iPhone 7 are the best ever and it takes the gaming experience to the next level.

8. Strong battery: Thr Best battery life is super. Now no one will complain now about the battery life issue. It is faster and juicier.

9. Large display: You will not struggle to see what is displayed because the screen display is extra large when using Apps in landscape mode.

10 The storage space is massive: You will say goodbye to low memory pops-ups as the iPhone 7 has a storage space of 32 GB.

11. It resists dust and water and the Airports: The best ever feature of iPhone 7 is its ability to resist water and dust. It is also compatible with the future. The iPhone 7 comes with a new wireless headphone “airports”, which is something new and we haven’t seen it before.

12. The picture quality is stunning: The rear camera of the iPhone 7 is awesome. If you are a selfie freak, this iPhone model will surely become your favorite because its rear camera is 12 megapixels, and it captures images in detail. At last, if you have iPhone 7, you have the latest technology.


1. Iterative design: The model has few updates and little change from the iPhone 6s. The design limits your access to plug-in accessories. It doesn’t support the use of an aux cable that connects to the car and allow you to listen to the music.

2. Single lightning port: Having a single lighting port only allows one activity at a time. You can’t charge and listen to the music at the same time using the head jack.

3. Expensive: Compared to other phone models of the same class iPhone 7 is very expensive. You also have to part away with a cool $159 to buy the ‘Airpods’.

4. No headphone jack: If you love using headphones, then say goodbye to this type of phone since it doesn’t have a headphone jack. You can choose to use the new Apple Earpods or buy an adapter for use with regular headphones.

5. Scratches and bending: The jet black model scratches more easily and it’s prone to bending. If you roughly handle the phone, it can bend or accidentally deform it.

6. Lacks battery control drainage feature: Although it has a big battery, it doesn’t support features that control the fast battery drainage apps like the GPS tracker or playing high-end games.

7. The charging speed is low: The slowness in charging is one of its key disadvantages. Many other Android devices have improved their charging speed with diversified fast charging technologies, but iPhone 7 is still struggling to keep the pace.

8. Unfriendly price: The price of the iPhone 7 is not friendly when compared with the price of other devices of the same version. The iPhone 7 comes in three different versions according to different internal storages, but with different prices. There are unreasonable price differences among the different versions.

9. No External memory card slot and no headphone Jack: The iPhone 7 does not have an external memory card slot. However, you can decide to buy the iPhone 7 with 16GB internal memory or 128GB memory. More so, the iPhone 7 has no headphone jack and you won’t be able to use your old accessories with your new iPhone. Finding a new air pod will be very expensive and stressful if you lose your air pod.

10. Limited running time: The iPhone 7 has a limited running time and will freeze intermittently when you open many apps. For the device to work smoothly, the backstage management will have to close some apps that are not important.

11. You cannot play audio when charging: The iPhone 7 will not allow you to play your music or listen to any audio while charging. The 3.5mm head Jack is compact and cannot be tilted. More so, the design of the lighting pot allows only one activity. It’s either you listen to audio or you charge your phone.

12. One Sim and limited downloading platform: There is only one sim port and I know that this may not go well with you, especially if you are used to slotting two sims in your androids.

The iPhone 7 just like another version, has limited downloading platforms. It does not allow users to download from the play store or any other popular app store, as it has its own app gallery.