Pros and Cons of Hot Water Recirculation Pump Review

Pros and Cons of Hot Water Recirculation Pump

A hot water recirculating pump is a tool installed in your plumbing system to heat cold water thus, providing instant hot water to the users. Having a recirculation pump with a timer enables you to program the pump to always turn on when you’re likely to need the hot water and turn off when not needed.


1. No waiting time: You don’t have to let the cold water drain down while waiting for the water to get warm to take a shower. The recirculation pump provides instant hot water to the users.

2. Easy installation: It is easy to install and operate the hot water recirculation pump. With little DIY skills, you can install the recirculation pump within 30 minutes.

3. Save water: A hot water recirculation system reduces water wastage thus, saving you a tremendous amount of water. Whenever you turn on your shower, you don’t have to drain down the cold water for minutes before getting hot water. If you have a large family, it will save you a huge amount of money on water usage.

4. Widely available: They are widely available in the market. You can walk into any hardware store and buy them or order from Amazon stores.

5. Saves money: Depending on the model you’re using, there is less power consumption. The recirculation pump is turned on and off whenever hot water is needed or reprogrammed to turn on and off at a specific time interval. This saves you a lot of money on power consumption and water wastage.

6. Saves minutes: A hot water recirculation pump is installed above the heater hence it makes the pump more water. This water pump saves at least 5 minutes you will wait for hot water. However, it does not come instantly thus you will wait for some seconds.

7. Value for money: Even though a hot water recirculation pump is expensive to install, it becomes value for money after some time. The amount of money you will save will be more than the installation costs and the water pump. You will notice these changes after paying for all costs. You should consider installing a hot water pump if you have a large family to save water consumption and electricity.

8. Saves electricity: You can install a timer to save a large amount of water and bills. The timer is used to turn the pump on when water usage rises. The pump should only be turned when you need water. For instance, you can decide to switch it on in the morning and evening when you are most like to bathe.

9. Environmental friendly: The recirculation pump is environmentally friendly because it does not have wastewater. It heats water in seconds.

10. It is convenient: It can be used anytime your home chores call for hot water. You do not waste time adjusting water temperature.


1. High initial cost: The cost of buying the recirculation pump is very high discouraging some users although this depends on the model. Older models are expensive to operate and require the power source to be always turned on. If the timer is not turned on when hot water is needed then you will not have instant hot water.

2. Maintenance: You have to change the sensor valve more often. If the sensor is installed inside the pump, then you have to replace the whole pump. Installing the valve outside the pump system makes it easy to replace the valve.

3. Require a plug unit: If you don’t have a plug outlet in your unit, you have to install a new one to plug the pump or hardwire your hot water recirculation pump system.

4. Lukewarm cold water: In some models, the recirculation pump turns cold water to lukewarm especially if there is no dedicated return line for the hot water in the pump.

5. Heat loss: There is heat loss from the constantly heated pipes otherwise, you need to have a power source next to where the pump is installed.

6. Rust: It is hard to remove rust from metals. For this reason, you should strive to keep a hot water pump out of corrosion. If the systems are not well pressurized get rust. This is because the systems do not allow passage of air hence it triggers the formation of rust. Flush the coat as soon as you see it forming. Make sure you follow control measures to avoid such instances.

7. Noise: Sometimes the pump can start to produce more noise than the usual one. This occurs when a bearing becomes old. Bearing is used to connect the drive to the impeller. The first sin you will get from an old bearing is the sound it produces. Change if the sound is squeaking before breaking. You should always listen to weird sounds a replace parts immediately before further damage.

8. It requires a new outlet: Generally, units are plugged into the existing outlet at home. A hot water pump recirculation pump requires a plug for the unit. Henceforth, you have to put up another outlet beneath the sink. Another alternative is using hardwire.

9. You can run out of hot water: In most cases, people complain of running out of hot water fast. This is because water mixes with sediment and minerals as it goes to the water heater. The sediment is heavier compared to water hence it sinks below the water heater tank.

10. Installation costs: You are supposed to hire a plumber to install the systems. The payments alongside materials are expensive.