Pros and Cons of Having a Baby Review

Pros and Cons of Having a Baby

Having a baby can be the best feeling ever and the best thing that can happen to your life. Babies are little angels that change everything and can affect a couple’s marriage. Planning on having a baby? Look at the following pros and cons to know whether you’re ready to bring another human being into life.


1. Changes your life dramatically: Having a baby is a completely new chapter in the couple’s life. As a mother, you’re no longer thinking about your husband but the little angel in your life.

2. Strengthening family relationships: A child is a fulfillment of having a happy family. It strengthens couples’ bond and love for each other and enables them to work together towards a common goal of being responsible parents.

3. Leave a legacy: Having children is an assurance of leaving your own legacy and it plays a part in shaping the future generation. Parents work hard to ensure their children have a better future and also ensure they grow up to be responsible adults.

4. Gives your life more meaning: Having a child influences your own decision and adds more meaning to your life. You’re always thinking about the child and not about yourself or your spouse. You focus all the attention on the child, become more loving, and more positive about life.

5. Every day is a learning experience: Being new parents every day is a learning experience. Every child is different and you need to learn how to be more friendly and caring to your child. You always have to learn new things as the child grows.

6. It’s the fulfillment of life purpose: I don’t think the same person can ever feel fulfilled if he or she fails to reproduce its own kind after clocking 40. Everyone desires to have a baby and failure to do so creates a feeling of unfulfilled. More so, having kids and catering for them is a lifetime achievement and it will not be recorded for you if you don’t taste the joy of childbearing.

7. You are making a contribution to the future: Childbearing is a seed for the future, as the kids will take up from where you stopped. Through them, your name will continue and you can contribute to making the world a better place if you groom your kids in a good way.

8. You will become more virtuous: Taking care of kids requires patience and love. As a parent, it is your duty to shower Love and affection on your kids. Kids can be very annoying at times and you have to be patient with them. You do so every day and this, in turn, remolds and reshape you to become a more virtuous person.

9. You will have someone to take care of you when you are old: It’s a common saying that parents take care of their kids with the hope that the kids will in turn take care of them when they (parents) become old. With this in mind parents always become happy when they bring forth their heir and they strive hard to train them to become responsible people in society.

10. It improves self-esteem: Having a child is a joyful thing, but as a parent, you will feel an aura of all-around development immediately after your child arrives. You will feel more confident and mature, especially if the child came at the right age. Raising up a child is a goal and having the opportunity to do so comes with an increase in self-esteem.


1. Require a lot of attention and time: You will spend long nights and short days while taking care of the little one. You will have to let go of some of your alone time and enjoyment activities like grabbing coffee with friends or having late-night parties.

2. Disrupt couple’s relationship: Many couples report a decline in relationship with each other once the baby arrives. Therefore, having a baby can affect your marriage if you’re not careful.

3. Require a lot of money: If you have a baby, be prepared to spend more money on buying baby stuff so as to keep your little one comfortable. The cost of baby cribs and strollers among other baby things is very high.

4.  No time to socialize: Having a baby means you have to juggle between your job especially if you have a full-time job and meeting your family needs including those of your child. You don’t have time to socialize and reconnect with friends as more time is spent with the little one who needs your attention more.

5. Health complications: Once you conceive, there are women who have pregnancy complications that put their health at risk. Every pregnancy puts both the baby and the mother at risk and a little complication can make things worse for both.

6. It’s tiring: Nurturing and caring for a baby is very cumbersome and energy-sapping. It will consume both your time and your money. You are likely to become less productive because of the tiring nature of caring for a baby.

7. It’s a bottleneck in divorce: Your baby might become an issue if your marriage is too hot and you wish to let go and move on in life by divorcing. If you pursue a divorce, your baby will be at the center of it all as per who will be in the custody of the child. More time, legal and emotional battles will be required to settle the case.

8. Your sleeping time will reduce: As a parent, a large chunk of your time will be dedicated to your baby. You have to wait for your baby to sleep before sleeping and your sleep ends immediately they wake up. Taking care of them, providing for their needs, feeding them, watching them sleep are the few daily routines that you must do.

9. It may affect your professional growth: You will focus less on building your career when you start having babies. You may no longer have time to try out new ideas or break new grounds.

10. You will become less worried about yourself: The arrival of your baby will shift your attention. Your sole responsibility will be to cater to your child and nurture them to become responsible people. This will be done at the expense of your personal growth. For example, if you had plans of bagging a postgraduate degree, then childbearing may thwart it.

On the whole, having a baby is a two-sided coin. It can either be or may not be the best decision for a couple or individual. It will be easier to decide to have a child or not if you are conversant with the responsibilities and rewards that come with it.