Pros and Cons of firefighter Review

Pros and Cons of firefighter

Firefighters usually dedicate their lives to serving others in the community by keeping them safe from a fire outbreak. These people are always on the frontline to provide varied services like medical care in an emergency. However, there are several criteria or qualifications required for a firefighter. Though educational degrees and physical fitness do not apply as part of the job description, they are an added advantage. In most cases, firefighters get a head start at high school where they serve as volunteers and are later absorbed into the system. Some are trained to handle medical emergencies for individuals who are injured.


1. High job security; the profession has a higher demand for work, and the employees are always retained. These firefighters usually have the advantage of serving the people in every part of the world. Even after retirement, they can still earn benefits from the government.

2. Paid to sleep on the job; these people have more opportunities to earn more money when they are paid to sleep at work. It doesn’t matter whether there is an emergency or not. When one is deployed in a district where there are not many jobs, they tend to enjoy the allowances.

3. Sense of fulfillment; the employees, find an opportunity to serve the public, thus giving them a sense of accomplishment. They can bond with the mass through the service they deliver as volunteers or as employees. Sometimes the amount they are paid cannot compensate for the work they do. When one reports to duty, they are given a chance to shift to their community, thus creating a sense of belonging.

4. Saving lives; they save lives which makes them feel great and fulfilled. When they put out the fire, they do protect the livelihood of the people affected, and this is so rewarding more than anything else in the world.

5. Authentic responsibility to workers; these people are highly responsible for what they do, and this makes them feel valued in the community. The genuine responsibility of their undertakings lies on their shoulder. However, the response to the emergency may dictate their lives more so when they are late.


1. Unusual shifts; sometimes firefighters may lack time for family as their working shifts is unpredictable. In most cases, they can work at a shift that extends to 24 hours or 48 hours depending on the situation. If you are a fun-loving person, then this profession is not for you.

2. Firefighters are faced with dangerous duties; as a firefighter, you have to respond to the entire shift without complaint. When critical situations arise, one has to face them despite the consequences.

3. Pay does not correspond to work done; in most cases, these people do sacrifice a lot to save the lives of people, but their salary will always remain constant. They are not paid for the work they usually do in the community.

4. Constant training; this being the worst part, they have continuous training to sharpen their skills, and that may not appeal to many people. As humans, we like to study once and work, not constant training.

5. At times they face death cases; when such happen in the line of duty, they are always affected psychologically, and this may lead to trauma. For those who are not tough mentally, this profession may not suit you well.