Pros and Cons of facial recognition Review

Pros and Cons of facial recognition

Facial recognition is no longer science fiction, it has come into reality, and as it may seem to be futuristic, it is put into use. It is normally used in the airport security system, mood-based sales, hotel check-in as voice assistance. For sure, artificial intelligence which has been employed through technology is changing the world though it may be a good invention that has both the pros and cons of any other technological advancement in the world.


1. Efficient security; facial recognition is placed in strategic places where they can recognize and analyze the face of an individual. In this way, they act as security for the organization whereby the software can identify criminals, which may invade the premises. It alerts people who might have invaded the building before the attack, thus protecting the property.

2. It is personal and fast; with the aid of matching, faces make the environment and the airport to be safe and secure for people to use. The travelers can be quickly identified, thus creating ease of access due to limited paperwork used in the airports and hotels.

3. It is fast; artificial intelligence provides fast data analysis to businesses and travel industries, thus creating efficiency in service delivery. With fast service, there is no delay witness in travel industries, thus doing the business boom. Moreover, these travel industries can analyze the age, gender, and mood of their clients in a more friendly way without talking to anyone.

4. Fewer germs; with this technology in place, one cannot transfer germs from one person to another since there is no contact on the surface of the transaction. The travelers do not need to wipe their hands on anything when they reach the airport to prove their identity.

5. Seamless integration; tends to be the biggest benefit to most companies. The facial recognition software is easily integrated into the system of the company making it more convenient to use. Besides, it is economical, and the organization does not need to spend more money on unnecessary maintenance.

6. Safe and secure: The very first major quality of facial recognition is that it is very safe and secure. This is evident from the fact that even police officials use it in many cases. And now it is becoming even more popular at airport security, which is a very good thing. With facial recognition security, it is very easy to identify terrorists, thieves, etc.

7. High accuracy rates: Facial recognition is given highly accurate results. With 3D face recognition technologies developing at a great speed, they can be trusted with their results. Above all, it is very hard to trick this security system. So you can totally rely on this device for the security of your workplace.

8. Automatic and fast: Another big reason that contributes to the popularity of facial recognition is that it is very fast and automatic. It, unlike fingerprint verification, takes even less time. And the best thing is that you don’t have to roam around with your I.D. or anything. So there is also no fear of getting your identity stolen.

Its fast processor makes it run smoothly without any glitches. Thus it is very efficient for verifying the identity of a large population of people.

9. Vast data storage: One of the major qualities of facial recognition technology is that it is very efficient in storing a vast amount of data, that could be later used for verification. Facial recognition is thus more useful for places that are highly populated.

10 No physical contact required: Especially nowadays when the world has seen the effect of Coronavirus, it is very important to have a security system that is free from physical contact. The facial recognition security system fulfills this need very well.

Because it uses your facial features for identification, thus there is no fear of getting the germs of other people. This is the basic problem which we have to face while using other technical security systems.

11 A very useful tool for the security of your cash: Facial recognition technology is very useful in banks as it lowers the risk of online hacking. Many hackers can use data illegally. But with the help of facial recognition, it will be very next to impossible for hackers to do what they want.

So it is highly efficient and could be used to preserve the data and cash in banks since it recognizes the person before performing any transaction.

12 Nothing can beat its reliability: One more quality of the facial recognition system is that it detects the liveliness of the person, which prevents hacking. The device automatically detects if it is a living person or a still image.

13 High working capacity: Facial recognition is very efficient if the security checks need to run for hours and hours. It can be used for hours and hours without any problem.

14 Seamless integrated: Facial recognition is compatible with almost all security soft wares. And for that, you even don’t have to spend any additional money.

15 No need for assistance: As it is fully automated, it does not need anybody’s assistance to operate. It can work on its own very efficiently.


1. Cost of implementation; all the fancy technology comes at a cost, and facial recognition technology is not exceptional. The software is extremely advanced, making it hard to make it compatible with top-of-the-line cameras, which make it speedy and accurate.

2. Storage problem; most people imagine that all the digital data are floated in Apple’s magical cloud or on google, but this is not always the case. Facial recognition technology involves large data that need a great storage capacity where videos and high-quality images are stored. This normally places a challenge on most organizations.

3. Still work in progress, the technology used to develop facial recognition is developing, and it cannot identify race and gender. There is still a struggle in adapting to changes in appearance and weight fluctuation.

4. The technology is still creepy; the integration of facial recognition is still scary where it lacks privacy; people feel that they are being watched.

5. Data privacy concern; most people feel that their personal data are not safe when they register it for facial recognition; thus, they tend to keep off the technology.

Though there are many advantages of installing a facial recognition device, it also comes with a few disadvantages. Some of the cons of facial recognition are as follows:

6. Not that accurate: Though facial recognition is accurate most of the time its result could be wrong in some cases. This is because of the poor quality of images that are scanned and loaded into the system.

7. Difficulty in facial recognition: Because of the very small image sizes being uploaded, sometimes it takes more time to recognize a face. It may sometimes be annoying to use this device.

8. Change in camera angle can screw it!: Though facial recognition has great reliability, it is not 100%. It has been seen a lot of times that a little change in the comer angle can result in the wrong output.

9. Problems with changed facial expression: Another disadvantage of facial recognition is that if you change a little facial expression, it may not identify you as you. Many stances have happened in many places in the world where it had failed to recognize a person’s passport photo.

10. Highly ineffective: Though it seems unbelievable, many people have reported that this device fails to recognize people accurately. For example, in 2004 it was reported by some critics that it failed to recognize even a single criminal.

11 No proper data privacy: On one hand, where facial recognition has vast data storage capacity, on the other hand, it does not have any provision for keeping that data safe. So it has the risk of getting the data hacked.

12 No security for the common man’s privacy: As we have come to know that facial recognition can track criminals, but the officials can also use it to track down whoever they want. They can even store your picture without your consent, and you can’t do anything about it.

13 Expensive: Though it can be easily afforded by the government, facial recognition systems can be really expensive for businessmen and other people.

14 Racial biases: Though it seems unbelievable how can a machine be biased, it is true. It has been reported many times that facial recognition fails to identify colored people.

15 Gender biases: Not just racial bias, this system has also reportedly failed to recognize women many times. These types of reports can be a big question on the quality and technology of the device.

Facial recognition is a very efficient example of technology, but it is not wrong to say that we cannot believe any technology blindly. As it provides us with many benefits, it also comes with great risks if used carelessly.