Pros and cons of Energy drinks Review

Pros and cons of Energy drinks

Energy drinks are drinks that everyone is quite acquainted with as it is believed to give them strength so they can go about their daily activities. Athletes or workout freaks do take it so they can have the energy to do exercise or work out beyond normal.

Energy drinks contain some supplements and vitamins that give that extra energy when drank. It is good for the body but it has so many bad effects which if known, could stop most persons from taking it. Let’s take a look at a few pros and cons of energy drinks.

Pros of Energy Drinks

1. Energy drinks improve your whole mood– When you consume energy drinks, you’re sure to get a change in mood which is lively. No matter the reason you’re taking the energy drink, your mood would be improved which is what everyone desires.

2. Most contain zero calories– Zero calories in the food we eat and liquids we consume is what everyone desires. Most energy drinks contain zero sugar/calories which makes them nice to consume as you’re fully sure of not taking sugar into your body. Although there are energy drinks with sugar content, it all depends on you.

3. Boost performance during workouts– Taking energy drinks before working out is a good idea as it helps boost your performance. These energy drinks contain supplements that activate the body system to perform. Of course, that’s the reason it is called an energy drink.

4. Helps with skin disorders– Most energy drinks contain pantothenic acid which helps in treating skin disorders. So, if you’re someone with a skin disorder, taking energy drinks with pantothenic acid is a good idea as you would be able to get rid of it without going to the doctor.

Cons of Energy Drinks

1. Could become addictive- A daily or consistent consumption of energy drinks could make your system addicted to it. This isn’t cool stuff as being over-reliant on energy drinks before going about with your daily activities is bad. As the saying goes “too much of everything is bad”.

2. Energy drink causes headache due to caffeine– Energy drinks do contain caffeine which has some side effects when it is consumed too much. And one of the side effects Is headache which is not cool to experience. Most persons take it before exercise, but when it is too much in the body, you would start feeling headaches after a brief e the body, you would start feeling headache after a brief exercise.

3. High blood pressure– This is one of the big disadvantages of taking energy drinks. High blood pressure is the last thing anyone desires to suffer from, but that is the case when you consume energy drinks often. Since energy drinks contain sugar and you then exercise or work out, you’re sure of having a rise in blood pressure.

4. Insomnia– Most persons know this and do take it to stay awake all though, but that isn’t the case for others. Caffeine which is one of the main ingredients of energy drinks causes you to stay awake without feeling the lightest sleep. Insomnia is bad for the body as it causes other sicknesses.

From the above, we can boldly say that energy drinks are good and bad depending on how you take them into your body.