Pros and Cons of eloping Review

Pros and Cons of eloping

Eloping refers to getting married secretly without the consent of a parent or guardian or the knowledge of the couple’s family. People do elope due to different reasons ranging from finances, traditions, and happiness. An individual should be aware of the country’s laws before considering eloping.

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime moment where couples strive to create a magical and unique experience with their partners and share their intimate vows and elopement can provide such a great atmosphere to focus on your partner and your authenticity.


1. Cost. The expenses that come with eloping may be pocket-friendly since a couple would not have so many expenses on the entertainment of guests and hiring of service providers. The cost that comes with big weddings is huge considering that a couple will have to cater for food, decorations, drinks, hiring of a venue, transportation costs, and damages which sometimes may prove to be a little bit wasteful.

2. Intimacy. A couple’s goal when eloping mostly is to focus on their intimacy during their ceremony and a traditional wedding would not provide a conducive environment for such an intentional moment. An elopement arrangement would not eat up on your day by events that do not focus on the couple and this creates a meaningful interaction on your wedding day. Elopement allows a couple not to be absorbed into the details, timelines, and drama that may come along with traditional weddings. Couples during elopement can display their true affection, connection, and emotions.

3. Attention. Introverted couples would find eloping a great choice for a wedding since they won’t have to deal with social anxiety when they are put in the limelight and made a center of attention. Eloping would offer an introverted couple the freedom to be completely themselves and express their true feelings.

4. No Distractions. On your elopement day, you get to share the whole intimate experience between you and your partner only and this could be a valuable experience for couples who prefer having time on their own. An elopement does away with the stress, pressure, and anxiety that comes with big weddings and allows couples to focus more on their visions. Elopement promotes a wide set of ideas of how to spend your day, it allows couples to explore their wildest dreams about their wedding. Elopement eradicates the possibility of family dramas since not all family members and friends have a close relationship and can be able to freely be themselves during a traditional wedding ceremony.

5. Planning. Eloping requires minimal planning that removes all the stress that comes with big wedding arrangements. A couple has a minimal guest list to choose to invite or probably none at all. The venue of your day is well thought through since you don’t have to involve lots of people and it can turn out to be an amazingly fun activity. Couples who choose an elopement arrangement have an easier time dealing with anxiety and stress since they can complete their planning in time with their set up budget.

6. Amazing Photos. Partners that elope have amazing photos since they have no rush when having their photo moments and they take time to create genuinely incredible photos for memories. The photos captured at this moment represent who they truly are since they have no pressure to impress.

7. Adventurous. Couples eloping may take this moment to have the best vacation. Couples who value life experiences over events would consider eloping as a great option for their wedding.

8. Authenticity. Couples consider eloping so that they can have an authentic experience that reflects their true values and passions. Eloping plays a big role in reflecting who they are as an individual and a couple and it brings connection with what they love because they do everything to please themselves. Couples may view eloping as a representation of their future goals. Eloping would help keep the magic on your big day and won’t dilute the meaning of your celebration.

9. No Trauma. Partners who have non-supportive family members can avoid trauma during their wedding by opting for an elopement arrangement. Couples deserve a ceremony where their family and friends support their union, goals, and aspiration, and if they are not able to find this, eloping would play as a favorable option

10. Less Stress. Eloping eliminates lots of events that need planning when doing a traditional wedding. It also eliminates the possibility of disappointment by wedding planners and event service providers hence less stress on the couple’s end. A couple considering an elopement won’t have to wait till the day is over to experience a breath of fresh air and relaxation. While eloping, a couple does not have to deal with other people’s opinions and this makes it easy on the decision-making process and eliminates anxiety.

11. Environmentally friendly. Eloping is environmentally friendly, unlike big weddings whereby so much trash is introduced to the environment.


1. No Gifts. Since elopement is considered a private affair, a couple won’t be able to receive presents on their special day although they may come at a later day when you reveal to your friends and family about your arrangement.

2. Weather. Since such arrangements are outdoor-based, the weather may end up being harsh on your elopement day ruining the great experience a couple may have anticipated for.

3. Attention. Extroverted couples wouldn’t experience the fun of being the center of attention and getting to mingle with their guests. If you would love to put on a show and entertain your guest, eloping wouldn’t be a great choice.

4. Parents may not be Happy. Despite the ever-changing perspectives about elopement, a couple’s parents may feel disappointed since they would love to witness their children exchanging vows. To avoid this, it’s wise to notify your parents of your views about elopement and your reasons that would make you choose elopement as the best decision for a wedding. To make them feel involved, one may organize a separate setting such as a special celebration or photoshoot so that they can feel you care about them.

5. Miss out on Tradition. The couples may not have the experience of a traditional wedding such as walking down the aisle, having a wedding dance, wedding party, tossing of your bouquet and cake cutting and this may later make you feel that you left out some of the precious aspects of a wedding.

6. People you love may miss out. The possibility of important people with whom you have shared memorable moments within life missing out on your wedding day is high and this may make them feel excluded and may raise tough questions.