Pros and Cons of each Military Branch Review

Pros and Cons of each Military Branch

Joining the military is the utmost desire of most kids and teenagers as they prefer it to other forces out there. This is largely due to how the army/military officers go to war and fight with all zeal to bring victory to their nation.

Some persons are of different ideas and views as to how a military branch would like and if they would like it or end up giving up their dreams. Below, I would give you a few pros and cons of each military branch and what you should expect.

Pros of each military branch

1. Awesome living conditions– When you talk about the living conditions in each military branch, it is safe to say it is awesome. The US government makes sure their army/military officers are treated well as they are the heart of the nation. No matter the military branch, you’re sure to be comfortable in all.

2. Fast promotion/ranking– There is faster promotion/ranking when you’re in the military and any branch. Unlike other forces or countries in which it takes a long time before promotions are made, it is different from each military branch in the US. They reward and rank according to work and zealousness, in which you won’t go unnoticed if you’re serious.

3. They travel wide, which is fun– As a military or army officer working or posted to any branch, you would certainly travel a lot. Travelling Is common in the military whether you be a senior officer or not. But even as a common officer with the lowest ranking, you’re sure to enjoy traveling in a military branch you find yourself.

4. Each branch is well equipped- There is no way a military branch would be void of the right and latest fighting/training equipment. They are the most endowed forces in the country and the world, so they’ve got good nice equipment.

Cons of each military branch

1. They’ve got very strict standards- Each military branch has strict and high standards which are difficult for most persons to maintain. The military and army got one of the strictest and most difficult standards as it is said to help build the students to be better and stronger officers.

2. You spend a lot of time far away from your family– This is another major con of being in any military branch. For example, in the navy branch, you could be deployed to the sea for a long time away from your family. That is also the case for land soldiers.

3. Some bullies could be a thorn to your flesh– This is present in each military branch as there is no way to get rid of them. Bullies can be a thorn in the flesh as you can be beaten a lot of times and dared to defend yourself.

4. You could be lost in the crowd- The population of each military is much that it is almost possible for you not to gain anything from your time present. In the braches, they are usually engaged and busy doing a lot of training, so without proper motivation, you can end up lost in the crowd.

So, with the above, you can be able to conclude if a military branch is good for you or you now know how best to succeed in it.