Pros and Cons of donating eggs Review

Pros and Cons of donating eggs

Everyone deserves to be a parent, and the joy of having a child is incredible. However, some people cannot get their children. For this reason, there is a need for egg donation to the struggling couple who are unable to sire children.


1. Childless couples can start a family; there are those people who are willing to gift the struggling pair, and the encouragement of egg donation makes it easier for them. The experience of having a child and any woman who can donate the egg to another plays a significant role in the other couples’ life. Here, the adopting family can start a life with a child where they cannot get their own.

2. Free medication testing; there are series of a tests run on women who wish to donate their eggs, and these have to meet the requirement. Egg donation is a serious issue, and the testing must be handled with a lot of care.

3. It creates unity with the child; the contact between the donor of the egg and the child is determined by the receiving parents. In most ways, they may allow limited contact, but that does not mean that the donor has a right over the child. However, biologically, the donor is part of the child’s life, and nothing can dispute that fact.

4. Egg donation has financial benefits; although most of the women donating egg does not do it to get financial benefit, it is the receivers who compensate them out of good faith. These donors typically receive up to $15000, which are earned to gain financial goals.

5. Alert about fertility; some women are not sure whether they can sire children or not, but they are afraid of the cost of carrying a child. Therefore, they opt for egg donation to confirm if they can get children.

6. Opportunity to preserve one’s egg: As an egg donator and someone who isn’t yet ready to birth a child, you would have the chance to preserve some of your eggs for future purposes. This is great and awesome for you as an egg donor. But it must first of all be confirmed by the specialist if the egg can be preserved.

7. You help people become parents: This is a nice benefit of donating eggs as you’re helping humanity by helping someone or persons become a parent. This is someone that would bring joy to the recipient and nothing feels better than giving someone the chance of becoming a parent.

8. Awesome compensation: Of course, there Is awesome compensation when you donate the egg, and it’s worth it. The kind of compensation depends on the hospital and the recipient agreeing. The compensation would help in one way or the other.

9. Understanding your reproductive health: During donating your eggs, you would have the chance to know the status of your reproductive system or fertility. This is nice as with that checkup, you will know what to do on time before making up your mind to give birth.

10. Free testing for certain system disorders: This is another major benefit of donating eggs as testing would be carried out on you to check for possible disorders. This makes you alert of possible ailments and treats them before they expand.


1. Personal pregnancy; this occurs if eggs are not collected within the specified time, and medication throughout the entire process is hectic and unbearable. It also happens when the expected eggs for fertilization have been received, and there is no turning back.

2. May lead to irreversible physical change; when there is an alteration in the ovulation cycle, the donor of the egg can be exposed to danger when the procedure is still performed on them. There are chances that severe medication on the woman’s body usually simulates the ovaries which produce the eggs. These may lead to monthly swelling, which is not usual among women.

3. The procedure is hectic; there is a lot of time and effort taken to extract the egg from the ovaries of the donor, which usually requires minor surgery. The surgery comes with a lot of complications, and the patient is required to have a full rest, which may include inconvenient ones from performing other activities.

4. The process is anonymous; the identity of the donor and that of the receiving parents are not always revealed. This is to protect both parties from discrimination, which may also be harmful in case something went wrong in the process.

5. The process is hectic; there are some personal psychological scans done on the donor to ensure that she has the emotional stability to handle the situation.

6. Psychological disadvantage: As a donor, there is an 80% probability of you regretting your action in donating eggs, as you may start thinking of how the recipient would care for the egg and protect it till it grows. There are lots of psychological disadvantages attached even if you choose not to think about it.

7. Could result in conception: This may sound weird to you, but it is true and a big disadvantage if you’re not yet ready to conceive. This happens when you engage in sex after about a week or two of donating the eggs.

8. You may experience side effects: You may experience side effects but It doesn’t happen to all. Most persons are quite sensitive and experience cramps, itching, and moodiness. This would last for a while and then stop.

9. Ovarian torsion: Ovarian torsion involves the twisting of the ovaries and that is very dangerous to be taken lightly. It happens if you as a donor is a workout freak and does intensive stuff. This can cause serious issues until the surgery is carried out.

10. Infection: This is uncommon with a professional in the field but it could happen when done by a novice and infection is the last thing anyone would need. Infection is dangerous and could leave you being unable to conceive.