Pros and Cons of dog feeders Review

Pros and Cons of dog feeders

Every dog owner usually desires to provide the best feeding diet and habit for their dogs, and for this reason, they tend to seek out the best feeders that can excite the dogs. The main focus of buying these feeders is to make their dogs happier and healthy. However, there are pros and cons associated with dog feeders that one should take into account.


1. The use of elevated dog feeders helps prevent back and neck strain. These prevent the hunching of dogs while eating, thus preventing strain and neck pain that may occur to dongs. Also, it helps reduce the negative impact on dogs with arthritis and spine injuries. The reduction in stress from those dogs affected by arthritis helps them to develop healthy habits.

2. The raised feeders usually increase the eating pattern of dogs. The change in posture assists the dogs to eat slowly and better. These are good for large breeds like Labrador, which does not need to reach the ground for the food. All they need is to eat in a comfortable posture where they do not have to stretch their necks.

3. The feeders promote cleaner eating habits; this is common with the elevated dog feeders, which provide eating space for the canines. When the feeder is raised, the chances of the food being contaminated, especially from dust and other surface pollutants is very low as it is raised above the ground.

4. It prevents discomfort and joint pain in dogs; sometimes, it can be so discomforting for big dogs to strain down to the floor while eating. For this reason, the use of dog feeders ensures that the pet won’t bend excessively to eat as the bowl is raised to a height that allows them to eat comfortably.

5. It reduces the megaoesophagus symptoms; the symptom usually occurs when the food cannot travel well from the throat to the stomach among dogs. Though it is a rare disease among dogs, it is usually a discomforting and unpleasant experience for dongs without the feeders.

6. They prevent pain and discomfort in the joints: This is considered the most important advantage of getting dog feeders for your dog as it helps prevent pain and discomfort in the joints. When dogs feed directly from the ground, they tend to be uncomfortable and in a short while, would start having joint pains.

7. Prevents unwanted behavior: Of course, when you use a dog feeder to feed your dogs, they wouldn’t play with or around it as they often do when the food is placed on the ground. So, with a supposedly elevated dog feeder, they won’t play with their food.

8. It becomes easier for persons with physical disabilities to feed their dogs: Old owners or physically disabled persons would be able to feed their dogs without stressing themselves because the elevated feeders are available. Unlike, feeding on the floor, they would be highly comfortable feeding their dogs.

9. Foods would be easily stored: With dog feeders, food will be easily stored for the next time in cases the dog didn’t finish its food. This is great as an elevated dog feeder is protected and far from contamination from the dog or other things.

10. They have a healthier posture for the dogs: As we all know, a good posture is needed for healthier eating and that is why elevated dog feeders are used. These feeders would make the dog stand properly when eating, thereby aiding good digestion.


1. Not always suitable for fast eaters. Larger breeds that are prone to eat fast are usually affected by the raised feeders, and to some extent, it leads to bloat among dogs. These normally occur when the stomach of a dog extends too much while eating on a raised feeder.

2. Some feeders are not strong enough to support the dog’s weight. For this reason, they are prone to break, leading to spillage of the entire content. Since most dogs are aggressive while eating, feeders may tend to hold little weight which may result in breakage.

3. The owner has less time with the dog. The reason for having a pet is to have quality time with them, and when there is a replacement by the feeder, one tends to lose contact with the dog.

4. Some of the automated feeders tend to malfunction. The system failure may lead to a miscalculation of time allocated to pets. Sometimes, the pet can miss a meal or feed twice due to these errors.

5. It is more expensive as compared to a normal bowl. Some people may not afford the dog feeders due to their market price. For this reason, one will resort to normal feeders.

6. Issues in finding the right feeder: There are certainly issues in finding the right elevated feeder for your dog. You could end up getting a feeder that would make the dog stretch to feed, which may affect its joint. So you would need to measure your dog and get the proper feeder which would be stressful.

7. Stressful during bone-eating: It is almost impossible for your dog to enjoy its bone from these elevated feeders. This is one major disadvantage to you as the owner and the dog. The dog enjoys its bone from a lying or sitting position which is impossible with a feeder.

8. It is difficult to train older dogs to feed on feeders: Of course, older dogs are used to eating directly from the floor and it would be difficult to train them to adopt the feeder style of eating. This would be a big disadvantage if you plan on getting a feeder for your old dog.

9. They get easily damaged: These dog feeders can be easily damaged which would make you spend extra money to purchase another. They are not strong and could end up getting destroyed by the dog itself when it’s playing.

10. More mess for a messy dog: Most dogs out there are messy eaters and mess the whole place when eating. It only gets messier when they eat on the elevated feeder as they would spill food around in an irritating matter.