Pros and Cons of Divorce Review

Pros and Cons of Divorce

Back in the day, there was a high rate of divorce between couples in the US. But in recent years, that has reduced to the nearest minimum as couples do take their time to meditate on the life-changing moment before taking an oath.

Although even with most of them thinking, meditating, and studying their partner’s character before jumping into marriage, they still end up filing for divorce in a short time. Before couples file for divorce, it is important they know the pros and cons of what they’re about to do.

Pros of Divorce

1. Freedom to enjoy your life– This is one of the positive things persons who divorced tend to enjoy because they are no longer entitled to restrictions. In marriage, they are a lot of things that they shouldn’t do and standards to be kept. But with a divorce, persons tend to let go of these obligations/standards and enjoy their life.

2. No more physical or mental abuse- Of course, with a divorce, they would be an end to physical and mental abuse that is most common with women. Physical and mental abuse is something that shouldn’t be tolerated for long as it could lead to death. But with a divorce, you’re free from experiencing any of such again as you become in charge of yourself.

3. It improves the wellbeing of your child- Children are not to be exposed to arguments and fights between their parents as it in one way or the other affects their wellbeing. Divorcing your spouse helps in improving the wellbeing of your child as he/she will not have to experience the harsh atmosphere of fights and quarrels anymore.

4. It improves the relationship with your spouse- When you and your spouse divorce and are apart for a long, there would be this sense of guilt between the two parties. This would then cause them to long for each other and want to start all over again and that improves the bond for each other.

Cons of Divorce

1. Divorce costs money- When you’re filing for a divorce, you’re certainly going to spend a lot of money. The whole procedure isn’t that easy as you would set things right with your lawyer and then if you had a court marriage, there would be an equal share of money and properties.

2. Divorce hurts your child/children- This is one of the worse disadvantages of divorcing your spouse when you both have kids. Children are not to be exposed to cases such as it could end up hurting them and make them have an unequal or harsh feeling for one of the parents.

3. You pass through emotional stress- This is one sure thing you experience when you divorce your partner as everyone has emotions. Divorcing someone you loved some time ago would make you ponder on it in your quiet times. This would lead to emotional stress which would also be seen in your physical appearance.

4. It opens room for a third-party relationship- As often heard, most people do divorce and use that time to settle their issues, thereby coming back together. But it isn’t easy as third-party relationships could come knocking at the door. This is a sure thing and could lead to a permanent end to the relationship you had with your husband/wife.

Divorce is something that shouldn’t be rushed into or easily signup to, without thinking of its pros and cons. With the above, you should know If it would be right for you or not.