Pros and Cons of Dip Powder Nails Review

Pros and Cons of Dip Powder Nails

Dip powder nails have become one of the popular manicure services in salons due to their ability to keep the nails from chipping. It is often considered as a diet acrylic that uses color from pigmented powder instead of using UV rays to cement the polish.


1. Long-lasting: Dip powder nail is a mix between a regular manicure and fake nail making it a remarkably durable treatment that lasts longer than gel polish.

2. Less messy: It uses the Deeping process where you deep the nails in your favorite color and make your nails flawless in a few minutes. You don’t need swabs and pads to tidy up any mess from paint.

3. Odorless: Compared to gel polish, dip powder is odor-free. The powder uses a standard material that is odorless making it suitable for use either in the salon or at home.

4. Short application time: Compared to traditional acrylic manicure dip powder takes a short time to apply, though some processes may take longer. You can also learn how to apply it in a short while. The process is simple and straightforward and anyone can learn how to do it.

5. No UV required: Gel and other acrylic manicures require the use of UV rays which leave you vulnerable to cellular malfunctions that cause skin cancer. Dip powder doesn’t require the use of UV rays

6. Less expensive than gel nails: Dip powder nails are cheaper compared to gel nails. This explains why it has become so popular as compared to other methods.

7. Resists damage: Dip powder nail is more bendable hence it does not break easily. It makes your nails soft just like the natural nails. Some products will make the nails hard hence making them easy to break.

8. Comfort: Since you get less powder than acrylic nails manicure, your nails will be more comfortable. Acrylic nails leave you with a thinner layer which is very uncomfortable.

9. More vibrant: This powder contains fine grains hence making the dip more dynamic and vibrant as compared to the acyclic and traditional gels nails. Vibrant nails look more beautiful and lively. This is why most people are choosing this method over others.

10. Can be D-I-Y: Some women do not like going to the salon because it consumes alit of their time that they could have used to do something else. This is why they prefer dipping nails because it requires just a few steps more than an acyclic or traditional manicure. Besides, it is worth doing it because it lasts longer. Dip powder can be applied at home without having to visit the salon.

11. No need for monomer; Most conventional treatments make use of monomers, but you don’t need it when it comes to dipping powder. This is because the system uses a series of adhesives like glazes which are more convenient and less time-consuming.

12. It comes with an added layer of protection: the dipping nail allows your natural nail to grow without the fear of breaking e.g from opening a soda can. Apart from using it on your natural nails, it does not chip or peel like the other nails.

13. It is lightweight.: One of the best advantages of using dip powder is that it’s lighter compared to its counterparts. Most women do not prefer nails that feel heavy since it makes them uncomfortable. Furthermore, natural nails, are light and that’s what dipping powder nails are emulating.

14. Contains added vitamin E and calcium: These two nutrients are very important when it comes to nail formation and the general health of the body. Besides, Vitamin E helps the cells to function and also helps the body to use vitamin K. Calcium on the other hand helps the body in the formation of bones.


1. Long removal process: Removing dip powder nails is a step-by-step process that can’t be rushed or skipped some steps if you want to maintain your nails. As a result, it takes some time before completely removing the powder coating. Proper removal will ensure you don’t harm the nails.

2. Bonding agents: Although the ingredients for making the dip powder are labeled natural and organic, the bonding resin or coat is made from unnatural products that may damage your nail plates.

3. Expensive: Compared to other manicure procedures, dip powder manicure is very expensive. The cost of material and treatment procure is very high although the prices can be reduced if more people learn how to do it.

4. Sanitary conditions: This process requires individuals to dip nails into the color bottle instead of using a brush to apply. This can spread germs from one person to another if the same pot is used. Look for salons that pour the powder into disposable pots or single-use dishes to ensure no bacteria is transferred from one individual to another.

5. Nail care: You need to do nail care in between manicures so as to ensure your nails stay hydrated and in good condition. There are various hydrating masks to use in the market and they come at an added cost.

6Hygiene is a concern: dipping your nails in the powder can cause nail infections. Furthermore, this product is made using chemicals rather than organic raw material. we all know the effect of chemicals on our bodies. Some are irreversible hence leaving permanent effects on your body. For example, Methyl methacrylate has been banned in many countries because it can irritate airways or aggravate asthma.

7. Harmful to unborn children: The dip powder contains toluene and Ethyl Methacrylate which can be harmful to the born children. Nobody wants to use products that pose a threat to unborn children.

8. Consumes more time: If you are the kind of person that doesn’t like makeup that consumes more time, then the dip powder removal process will astonish you. Not everyone can afford to wait for that long for the removal process.

9. Can damage the top layer of your natural nail: It is advisable to be patient especially when it comes to the removal of the dipping powder nail. This is because you can damage the top layer of your natural nail if you try to remove it forcefully.