Pros and Cons of dentures Review

Pros and Cons of dentures

Most people tend to experience teeth problems, which may give rise to difficulty in eating, talking, and even change in facial structure. These may happen when a person had an accident, untreated tooth decay, or injury. When such does happen, it is recommendable to employ denture to correct it to normal.


1. The treatment takes less time; the process of setting up dentures usually takes a short time to be done, and if it goes for long, it may take three to six weeks. When comparing it with the normal replacement option, which may involve implants, it takes a short period. The implant takes a huge commitment, which may go up to six months, with more spending on trips to dentists.

2. It feels natural; it is hard to tell if a person is wearing dentures as compared to other artificial teeth. They look completely natural and even comfortable since they seem natural. Even the person wearing dentures feels more comfortable, and no one can notice the change in teeth alignment.

3. Support the weakening jaw; it is natural for jaw muscles to weaken as one grows old, but those who wear dentures tend to have strong jaws. This is brought about by the support the dentures give jaw muscles additional support, which makes them healthy for an extended period.

4. It supports facial features; a person wearing dentures seems to have a more natural and youthful look than the other artificial implants. For this reason, many people prefer dentures more than any other form of artificial dental implants.

5. It delivers excellent biting force; one should not worry about the likelihood of having to undergo pain when biting since dentures are evenly distributed and exert the same pressure.

6. It gives confidence: Your level of confidence will be highly affected if you lose all or part of your teeth. Teeth add a lot to our beauty and confidence. Your self-esteem, as well as your smile, will be brought down if your teeth are missing. But Dentures will help in restoring your smiles and boosting your confidence.

7. It eliminates incoherencies in speech: Gaps in the dental formula can cause incoherencies in speech. Missing teeth, it would be very difficult to churn out clear speeches. Meanwhile, Dentures will fill the gaps and will assist in restoring clear speaking abilities.

8. Its longevity is great: Dentures are great substitutes for the teeth, as they last longer. If you get a new set of dentures, then you are on your way to using it for up to ten years without hitches. Within this period, you can eat, bite, and chew any kind of food properly.

9. It is easy to maintain: With Dentures, you can replace your missing teeth without breaking a sweat. Dentures are the cheapest method of replacing your teeth. The maintenance is very affordable, as they are removable. The routine cleaning method is to remove the denture, then use a soft toothbrush to brush off food residues and other debris.

10 Dentures offer protection for the remaining teeth: People with dental problems can protect their teeth from extra damages by using Dentures. It is quick and effective, as a complete set of Dentures can be fixed within a day. Dentures offer great protection for the remaining teeth and guard them against pulling off.


1. Adjustment period involves pain; at first, one must feel a kind of pain when adjusting dentures to fit the mouth, all does not happen overnight. The customization process entails discomfort, and with time it fades off as you get used to it and are able to speak and eat.

2. The solution is not permanent; as one gets old, there is a time he or she will need new dentures to adjust with the facial structure. This can clearly show that one cannot last with them forever; at one point, you have to change them to fit the situation.

3. Dentures decrease the effectiveness of taste buds; one is prone to lose the taste of food with time. It affects the tongue, which makes it reduce the tasting ability.

4. The chances of having infections; occur when the dentures do not fit well in the mouth, creating some spaces. These spaces form a bacterial hub, thus encouraging infections in the mouth.

5. They may prove to be bulky; those dentures which cover the upper part of the mouth tend to be very cumbersome and heavy as compared to regular teeth. Also, the lower dentures may prove to be weak and heavy because of the muscle reaction in the mouth, which leads to adjustment. If not taken care of, they may fall off quickly in case of mouth disturbance or accident.

6. Dentures cannot provide naturality: In spite of the ease in chewing and biting, Dentures will never provide the naturalness that your real teeth provide. This issue is very common among users. In addition, they might become weak and wobbly after some time.

7. Dentures can cause pains on the Gums: Your Gums can become irritating, especially if the Dentures are not fixed properly. You may spend extra money to relieve yourself of the pains. However, it is pertinent to ensure that there is a good fit for the Denture because it takes several adjustments before the Dentures can fit properly.

8. It requires consistent cleaning: You have to clean and handle the Dentures with care, else, you have a bad breath. This calls for constant cleaning. You have to remove the Dentures regularly and clean them to avoid infections and bad odor. Brushing and cleaning the normal teeth does not require much time and effort compared to dentures.

9. Some dentures can cause incoherencies in speech: You have to select the right Dentures, else it would affect your speech. You may not be able to speak clearly when the Dentures are on you. Some Dentures may be too heavy for your dental cavity and would cover a massive area in the roof.

10 It is never a complete solution: Dentures are great substitutes for your missing teeth, but they cannot replace your teeth. The bones that carry the missing teeth will be left isolated and will continue to shrink. Dentures are only temporary replacements and can never solve the problem completely.

On the whole, Dentures are simple and easy to use. They are affordable, but with a few cons that you must be wary of.