Pros and Cons of Crotchet braids Review

Pros and Cons of Crotchet braids

In town, natural hair is all the rage, but consider crocheting if you’re looking for a way to take a break from the combs. Crotchet braids are regaining their fame steadily. They not only give you warmth but also encourage you to pull off a Rihanna or Beyoncé-like hairstyle easily. In each woman’s salon book, they’re a definite must-try. They are amazing, lightweight, and best of all, all-year-round fine.


1. They are affordable: In contrast to braids and weaves, crochet braids are affordable, particularly since you can install them yourself at all times. You should patch them yourself to save the additional expense of going to the salon by only learning the measures on YouTube.

 2. They are versatile: Crochet braids are versatile, offering you a myriad of possibilities. You may have the wavy hairstyle of Rita Ora, the bob of Rihanna, and the iconic afro-punk theme. You may even choose to make them textured or fine – it just depends on your taste and tastes.

3. The installation process is simple: Installing crochet braids is easy and straightforward if you are a master of the technique, and they are comfortable and quick to install. Using a latch hook, you must tie hair extensions to your hair cornrows. No adhesive or needle is required for you.

4. They favor length retention: Crochet braid’s hair development findings are impressive too. You may not feel the continuous pulling and bending since you braid your natural hair underneath. There’s time for your natural hair to grow.

5. It does not shrink: It might look like African hair, but this hair does not shrink when it rains!


1. They can cause stunting of hair: An essential warning about crochet braids is that they can stunt your hair growth. They can stunt your hair development. With the fast-paced economy, very few people neglect to wash their heads. Your scalp hurts when you do not take care of your crochet braids, contributing to dry hair and, finally, stunted growth.

2. Pressure on the scalp: When you stick the latch through your scalp, you cut your hair. Crochet braids will inflict pressure on your scalp. You take some off the fragile strands by inserting the braided twist or curls through a tiny section under the braided cornrow, thus inserting some weight into your hair. If you choose to get a total hair collection with your preferred crochet braid design, it worsens.

3. Difficult to have the right curl: Having the right curl is a struggle for certain brand ambassadors with crochet braids to go over the top when selling these braids. Most of them send you the basics of what’s involved with having the right curl for the crochet braid, but they don’t go through the tie and work to achieve the desired curl with depth. You have to separately roll the braids, dip them in water, and set them up for 24 hours before they are installed.

 4. They tangle easily: Synthetic hair easily tangles, and it becomes irritating. I’m tearing rogue twisted threads off endlessly. I’m permanently sitting amid a tumble weave.

5. They are wiggy after the first few days: A few days are required to calm down. They seemed ‘wiggy’ when I first created my crochet braids. They were not perfect. Due to the tight cornrows underneath, I appeared like I got a facelift, too. For it to sound like mine, it took about a week.