Pros and Cons of Chewing Gum Review

Pros and Cons of Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is something people can do for long hours all day, mindlessly, without even noticing. People all around the globe, especially children, live chewing gum of different flavors all day. But have you ever wondered about the pros and cons of chewing gum and its effects on our bodies?


1. Relieves Acidity: While chewing gum, a lot of salivae is produced in the mouth, and as this reaches our stomach, it neutralizes the effect of acids; thus, relieving people from heartburn. With many salivae being produced continuously, fluids remain in the stomach and prevent the burning sensation and bring relief.

2. Removes Bad Breath: Bad breath is caused due to the accumulation of bacteria. Saliva helps in reducing bacteria in the mouth. As already mentioned, the production of saliva increases in the mouth while chewing gum. Therefore, chewing gum can help reduce bad breath by producing extra saliva. Moreover, it not only removes bad breath, but your breath sweetens.

3. Lowers stress: Chewing gum can help in reducing stress in people’s minds. It produces more amount of serotonin than usual, which is a mood-improving hormone. Furthermore, it also relieves anxiety and improves mental focus. Chewing sugar-free gum for 30 min can bring 3 hours of relief.

4. Helps in Losing Weight: Chewing gum is a mindless activity; hence, people tend to spend hours doing it unknowingly. It involves increased movement of facial muscles. Thus, chewing gum can help you burn calories, and the best part is that you’re doing it mindlessly.

5. Reduces Appetite: Chewing gum will stop you from comfort eating when you are sad or just bored and have nothing to do. Thus, it reduces appetite, cravings for food, and unhealthy snacking.

6. Slows down the growth of Bacteria: Xylitol found in sugar-free gums can slow down the growth of cavity-causing bacteria. Isn’t that amazing?


1. Causes Tooth Decay: Sweet and sugary foods instigate and catalyze tooth decay. Sugary chewing gums available in the market that contain aspartame in them can hike up the risk of tooth decay.

2. It is tantamount to soaking your Teeth in Sugar: Chewing sugary gums means draining your teeth in sugar, and it is bound to harm your teeth. Instead of this, switch to sugar-free gums that contain xylitol in them. It even lowers the risk of tooth decay to a certain extent. It is a perfect healthy solution to your mindless activity.

3. Gas production in the stomach: When you chew gum for a very long time, you tend to swallow more air through your mouth mindlessly. As an excessive amount of air enters your stomach, it causes bloating. As such, it leads to the immense production of gas. It can lead to gastrointestinal issues such as IBS. However, this issue is not commonly found in everyone, as only a few people face excessive bloating by chewing gum.

4. It irritates sufferers of TMJ: Overuse of chewing gum can irritate the jaws of people suffering from TMJ ( Temporo Mandibular Joint Syndrome). This condition results from the damaging of the joint
that connects the mouth to the skull.

5. It leads to painful contractions: Chewing gums leads to chewing imbalance in the Jaws, and this, in turn, leads to painful contractions.

6. It can cause injuries to the lips: Chewing gum excessively comes with the risk of biting your tongue or your lips. Switching sides while chewing gum can lower the risk of facing this painful condition.