Pros and Cons of Blink Health Review

Pros and Cons of Blink Health

Blink Health is an online company that negotiates rates with pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmacies to offer affordable prescription drugs. It offers local pharmacy pickup and free home delivery services across the country.

Individuals can’t negotiate the prices of products in a pharmacy. Therefore, blink health negotiates on behalf of the members. This enables them to have access to over 15, 000 medications at a lower price. Members can order a prescription drug and pick it up from any pharmacy linked with Blink health.


1. Lower prescription cost: Blink health helps eliminate middlemen thus resulting in reduced cost of prescription drugs and other generic medications.

2. Pick up medication: After making your order, you can pick the medication from your local pharmacy. Various pharmacies work together with Blink health. This makes it easy for the company to reach a wide number of individuals.

3. Home delivery: Sometimes if you can’t make it to the pharmacy, you can have the medications delivered to your home. The medication is shipped to you at a small fee from a licensed US pharmacy working with Blink.

4. View drug cost: Before making an order for the prescription drug, you can see its cost. This makes it easy to budget your money as well as avoid paying exorbitant prices at the pharmacy’s counter.

5. Easy access to services: You can log in to their website or use the mobile app to order your medication at the comfort of your home. You only have to print out the card and go with it to the pharmacy to pick up your medication.

6. Easy process: blink health is an easy technique that saves millions of people. You can visit their sites or install the application of android or ios. You can use the web application if you have a prescription from the doctor. Start looking for your medication at the lowest price. You will receive a text and continue with the payment online. Your package will be delivered free to the local pharmacy. Besides that, there are pickup options for customers.

7. Removes frustration: picking a new prescription from the pharmacy can leave you frustrated. This is because you will worry about spending money that you had not planned. Insurance cannot cover everything thus you still have to spend extra money. You will have no choice but take the expensive restrictions or suffer. In addition to that, the prices are always fixed and you are not given a chance to negotiate the prices. Blink health removes frustration from patients. It works with pharmaceutical manufacturers, managers, and pharmacies to ensure people access the lowest prices.

8. Fast delivery: the delivery is done freely within two days. If your local store is not available, blink health works with major stores such as Walmart and Albertsons. These large stores have a wide range of deliveries across America. After paying the costs online, you will get a blink card that can be printed. Carry the carry to the chosen pharmacy or you can go with your mobile phone

9. Lack of membership fees: most services want first-time users to pay membership fees before confirmation of membership. The fee is renewed annually depending on the rules of a particular service. Blink Health is a large company with no hidden fees. You only need a prescription from the doctor to use the app. The only charge you will pay is the cost of medication.  It works with various platforms to ensure transparency is guaranteed.

10. Online payment: most people prefer the use of digital tools. Online payment helps to reduce the cost of financial services to a common citizen. Furthermore, it is the most convenient and safe way to transact money and use insurance products. Blink Health can reach a wide range of patients through online payment platforms. Physical transactions are time-consuming and increase the efforts of clients to reach out to companies. Blink health offers a blink card after payment. Ensure you have the card with you before you go to the pharmacy.

11. It has an application and website: you can download the app from the play store and get medication. The website is like a home base that helps individuals to learn more about services and products. Besides that, sites give consumers a clear overview of the services. Websites also help a company to reach customers’ complaints and give them peace of mind. Clients can visit the site and read reviews then install the application on any mobile phone.


1. Poor customer services: Blink health has unresponsive customer support. Most of the time they don’t solve the customer’s complaints and keep on taking the customer in circles.

2. Limited cover: Though the customer can have access to a wide number of medications, some medications are not covered.

3. Confusion between Blink and Pharmacies: Some customers complain about how confusion between the Blink Company and pharmacies results in payment problems.

4. Requires prescription: Before you make an order for any drug, you must have a prescription. Therefore, you have to get a prescription from the doctor to purchase the drug from the blink website.

5. No drugs at the pharmacy after paying for them: Sometimes people pay for the drugs but don’t find them in the pharmacy when they go to pick. Sometimes no guarantee that you will get your money back in case you don’t receive the order.

6. No refund policies: a good company should include refund policies for its esteemed customers. Blink health does not refund money even if the medication is unavailable. Make sure you order what is available.

7. The costs are high: sometimes the cost of medicine at blink is higher than the ones in the pharmacy. Confirm the prices before you make an order.

8. The orders are not received: customers complain that they have received medication after paying what is advertised.

9. Limited drugs in the pharmacy: you can make payment for drugs that are not available in the pharmacy.

10. It does not work with insurance: you only have two options to go with medical insurance or blink health.