Pros And Cons Of Bangs Review

Pros And Cons Of Bangs

The term bangs refer to a haircut worn by women to look more young and beautiful. Bangs are strands of hair falling over the front hairline, covering the whole forehead up to eyebrows, though they can be of various lengths. They also can be of various styles such as long and side-swept, bold and blunt, arch or rounded, or wispy.


1. It Enhances Beauty: Bangs, if styled according to your face shape, can look extremely adorable and cute. They elevate the whole look of your face and enhance your beauty. Bangs frame and soften your face. Also, it enhances your facial features, such as eyes and lips. It acts like a polish giving a finishing touch to your whole appearance. Bangs add an edge to a simple hairstyle.

2. No More Heavy Makeup: Bangs is such a fantastic haircut that it enhances your look beautifully if it suits you. It covers your forehead completely. Therefore, you will not stress yourself by spending extra time applying makeup there. Moreover, we are all well aware of how much accuracy is required to make beautiful eyebrows, and it is the most challenging part of makeup. But if you didn’t do your eyebrows well, no need to worry, cover them with your bangs.

3. It hides the flaws: Other than imperfect makeup, our face is full of flaws. Pimples and receding hairlines or lines can give every lady nightmares. Thankfully, bangs provide beautiful coverage of some portion of the face if you have a pimple, no worries, receding hairline, no worries, lines on the forehead, no worries! If your eyebrows aren’t appropriately made, bangs can solve that problem as well.

4. It is versatile:  You can use different hairstyles of bangs to give yourself different looks every day.

5. Easy styling: More so, they are very easy to switch. You can wear them down or on the sides. Pin them back to disappear bangs. Split from the center to create a new look. You can reinvent looks and style beautifully.


1. High Maintenance: The moment you get your bangs freshly styled at saloon are the most beautiful ones, and even the first day remains amazing. But as days pass, you see your bangs in a situation you might have never imagined, especially when you wake up. You need to keep styling your bangs and take care of them to look amazing every time. Sometimes, you even need tools like a curler or straightener to get your bangs into place.

2. Do Not Stay At One Place: It is challenging to keep your bangs stay in one position. Even with a soft blow, they go away, and again you need to touch and return them to their place. To add to this, it requires constant touching and setting to have a cute and beautiful look at all times.

3. Frequent Haircut: Your bangs can grow fast and come down to your eyes in just a few weeks. There is a need to get frequent haircuts, like every 3 to 4 weeks, depending upon your growth rate. It can be costly, as well.

4. It Reduces Your Age:  Though it is a positive factor, it can help you to look younger. But it can be a con as well because blunt bangs can be too dangerous, making you look too young for your age.

5. Greasy Forehead: Constant touching can increase the number of natural oils in your bangs than other parts of the head. Your forehead may even get greasy, which does not look good and is non-appealing.