Pros and Cons of Apple Cider Vinegar Review

Pros and Cons of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar, ACV is a liquid made from fermented juice and crushed apples. The crushed apples make the liquid have a lot of residues. It has various health benefits and acts as a home remedy for various forms of ailments.

You can add it to water, splash some to your salad dressing, in marinating, to your soup or sauce, and bake cakes with it.


1. Lower risk of diabetes: Adding a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to your drink daily lowers blood sugar levels. Therefore, taking this drink before going to bed will reduce glucose levels in diabetic individuals.

2. Antibacterial properties: It has been in use for many years as a cleaning agent and for disinfecting wounds or any skin disease. Its acidic nature is used to kill a lot of germs. You can spray apple cider on your kitchen surface or sink to disinfect it.

3. Act as a preservative: You can add vinegar to your food to preserve it and prevent the growth of E.coli.

4. Probiotic potential: ACV has healthy bacteria responsible for improving your digestion system and immune system. It also provides relief on digestive issues like indigestion or acid reflux. The healthy bacteria found in the vinegar fight any harmful bacteria in the stomach.

5. Heart health: A study carried out on women who take apple cider vinegar as a salad dressing has a reduced risk of heart diseases. It helps reduce high blood pressure which plays a role in heart attacks.

6. Weight Loss: It contributes to weight loss. Adding vinegar to your food or salad can make you feel fuller and more satisfied. It also helps reduce bloating.

7. Heart health: Recent studies have found out that good consumption of apple cider vinegar reduces heart disease in humans. This was an experiment carried out in the lab on rats and it has begun to show signs when used in humans.

8. It kills cancer cells: Apple cider vinegar can kill cancer cells in humans which makes it so vital to drink. It is said that the acetic acid present in it is harsh enough to kill all the cancer cells in the body. At this stage, it is safe to say it is a remedy for cancer patients.

9. It reduces the effect of sunburn: A continuous bath with apple cider vinegar reduces the effect of sunburn on your skin. This is cool for those that easily suffer from sunburns and are finding it hard to cure. For those already with sunburns, a consistent bath with apple vinegar would still remove the scars.

10. It removes dandruff: When mixed with water and put in your hair, it would eliminate dandruff in no time. This is due to the fermented apple in the apple cider vinegar, as it destroys the Malassezia furfur that causes dandruff.

11. Weight loss: For a long time coming, vinegar has been used to reduce weight and it’s no different from apple cider vinegar. The apple cider vinegar when consumed before eating helps you stick strictly to your recommended diet, thereby aiding weight loss.


1. Acidity: Apple cider vinegar is highly acidic because it is made from acetic acid. Therefore, you should always dilute it with water. If taken directly it affects your tooth enamel and tissues in your throat and mouth.

2. Lower bone density: Apple cider vinegar can reduce potassium levels thus, affecting bone density.

3. Gastroparesis condition: Apple cider vinegar can worsen diabetic conditions for patients who suffer from gastroparesis. Apple vinegar reduces the rate at which your stomach is being emptied. This can lead to stomach bloating or heartburn.

4. Takes time to work: Although it is a remedy for various health issues, it doesn’t give instant results. You have to take it consistently for a while before you can see the changes.

5. Drug interaction: Before adding vinegar to your diet, cult with your doctor. It can theoretically interact with diabetes and heart disease drugs.

6. Skin damage: Acetic acid used is very strong and harsh on your skin if not properly mixed with water. It can cause bruises or tear your skin.

7. Harsh Acidity: There is a little percentage of acetic acid present in the apple cider vinegar, but still, it is very harsh. This harshness can cause serious issues to the teeth when consumed without diluting with water.

8. It lowers bone density: This is one big disadvantage of apple cider vinegar and the reason why doctors say it shouldn’t be consumed for a long time. When consumed for long, it reduces potassium in the body, thereby lowering bone density.

9. It overburdens the kidney: This happens to persons that suffer from chronic skin disease and it could worsen the issue in the process. So, a patient who has been told to have chronic kidney disease would cause more harm if he/she consumes apple cider vinegar.

10. It causes nausea: This is kind of a common issue to humans but it is an advantage when you consume apple cider vinegar a lot. Nausea is a strong urge to vomit and that often happens to persons that consume this vinegar consistently.

11. Digestive side effects: Apple cider vinegar kind of effects digestion in humans and it is not all that good for healthy living. It usually takes a long time for proper digestion after eating. So it all depends on when you want to consume it.