Pros and cons of Advertising Review

Pros and cons of Advertising

Advertising is a platform for the brands to project their work before the target audience to convert it into money. Advertising is the tool of marketing to reach people desirably. There are many tools to make advertising successful. Advertising is one of the promotional activities of the brand that the organization usually follows.


1. Helps people not to be oblivious of the product and services: Through advertising, people gather the knowledge that these products and services are available in the market.

2. Boost sales: Through advertising, the brands are boosting their sales. Immediately after the launching of a new product in the market, it will get to the people through advertising. Some customers are early adopters, and they will reach the market once the product is launched to experience it. The advertising helps the brands to increase sales quickly.

3. Create jobs: Through Advertisements, they are a vast number of people who are getting benefited financially by earning. There are many agencies to create an effective advertisement campaign and make the people experience the product or service at least once.

4. Provides options: Through advertising, people are getting more options for their purchases. Nowadays, people do not need to stick with a particular brand for a specific product. Whatever the product is, there are multiple brands to offer them. So advertisements are projecting such brands before the people and make them stand it as an option before them. They can select it according to their want.

5. Companies can target a specific Audience: Advertising is a simple strategy followed by the brands to create awareness and attention among the people who are their target audience.

6. It requires less education: Advertisement is a vast field that is organized by both skilled and unskilled people. So it will generate revenue according to their knowledge and the work done by the people.


1. False promises: Through advertising, there are some brands that are making false beliefs to advertise their products and services. Ads targeting the theme of hair fall, obesity, and skin tone are mostly branded with fake promises in advertising.

2. Irrelevant campaign messages: Some brands project pieces of information that are irrelevant and not suitable for the brands they are advertising. Through this, they are trying to promote their brands in the wrong way.

3. It instigates blind beliefs: Some financial institutions like chit funds are advertising in media with their words to create an urge among the people to earn high with little investment. Many ads make people believe blindly.

4. Harmful products: There are some agencies that are advertising some of the products which are detrimental to the people. Products like cigarettes and alcohol are highly injurious to people’s health. Even though they know it, they are branded through advertising among the people and create an urge to consume it.

5. Insensitive content: Some ads in media are made by their brands, which affects the culture of society. Some fairness cream ads make the people consume the product to get their skin tone fair from their dark tone. These types of ads are unproven and have no proper research.

6. It can cause addiction to products: The Advertisement of Harmful products will attract wider attention through media irrespective of their gender and age. So many people will get addicted to those products regardless of their gender and age.