Pros and Cons of a truck driver Review

Pros and Cons of a truck driver

Truck drivers tend to make a considerable amount of money on their first year on the road. Averagely, the least paid to make like $35,000, which makes it to be an enticing career. However, the critical question to ask here is if you fit the job, and what are some of the challenges and setbacks these people encounter. In case you are interested in being a truck driver, then you are in the right place to learn more about the task.


1. The new initiates have high entry-level pay; the entry pay usually depends on the level of education one has, and to some extent, it still pays well for those with low grades. For those who have a college degree or diplomas, the pay is good, and they can invest in multiple businesses for a good return.

2. There is little to no education requirement for the drivers; those who never went to school make good bucks here without necessarily struggling with books or going to school. The CDL for the drivers typically takes up to seven weeks, after which they are set to drive.

3. Some companies usually cover the tuition fees; thus reducing the burden on the new drivers. The cost of driving schools covered by the companies makes it easy for the new initiate to navigate the training without much stress on where to get the fee.

4. One gets paid to travel countries; these drivers are always on the road, and they get to see many places and still get paid. These sound fascinating and exciting as the drivers are given more opportunities than the average citizen who might not have the chance to travel.

5. The drivers are independent; this portrays that one has to perform their roles without being supervised, unlike in the office setting. One has to plan the routes by himself on when to travel as long as cargo reaches the destination.

6. Job Security: This is an awesome benefit in being a truck driver as you’re assured complete security in your Job. Security in a job in a job is what everyone desires and if you’re a careful and good driver, your job would be secured.

7. Opportunities to grow: There is a shortage of truck drivers in most economies and countries, so there is a high tendency for promotion to a higher rank. This is only possible if you’re excellent at driving. You wouldn’t need to spend long years on the road as in a short time, you would be promoted.

8. Truck drivers are in demand: As I emphasized earlier, there is a shortage of truck drivers, so they are in high demand all over the country as persons, companies, industries, and firms need them. This is good as you could end up registering for a lot of companies, working per time.

9. Freedom: Of course, this is one crucial benefit to be enjoyed as a truck driver as it isn’t that common with most jobs of today. As a truck driver, you can decide to take a break, rest, enjoy yourself, as far as you deliver the goods, and at the required time.

10. Easy to qualify: This is one major benefit to trying out the truck driving job as it’s easy to qualify and doesn’t need any degree. So, being a truck driver is an easy process as you just need to be a good and careful driver.


1. Sometimes getting a CDL can be very hectic; according to the requirement of driving schools, one is supposed to pay up to $7,000 depending on the level and the certification in question.

2. One cannot commit to the family; most of the time, a driver will be gone for weeks depending on the company requirement. During these periods, the family will be left alone. A driver cannot maintain a healthy personal tie with the family as they are always on the move.

3. Loneliness; most of the track drivers are loners, and in case one is not willing to be lonely, then this job is not suitable for you. Also, the meals of a truck driver are not consistent as there are unpredicted breaks throughout the journey.

4. An unpredictable turn of events, it is good to do something that you enjoy, but to some extent, one needs to create time for things that appeal to others around them. The life of a driver is not predictable.

5. Irregular sleep patterns, these divers usually travel a long distance, and they are prone to miss sleep as the task is hectic, and it requires dedication to reach the destination.

6. Physically demanding: The truck driving job is physically demanding because you could remain seated for long hours driving without stretching unless you choose to. This could result in back pain for you and that is bad pain.

7. Fatigue: As a truck driver, you’re sure to experience fatigue because the job is stressful. You could be driving for days non-stop, uncomfortably having little sleep, and even repairing the truck it gets spoilt. All of the above would certainly cause you fatigue on you.

8. Repetitive work routine: Some companies or industries would want to transport a particular product to a particular destination which could take a month. With this, you as a truck driver would have to pass through the same route, encountering the same persons. This would certainly be boring for you.

9. High risk of an accident: This is the top disadvantage of why persons don’t want to be truck drivers as they would be exposed to accidents on the road which mostly leads to death. This is awful and a reason to be careful when driving.

10. Loneliness: A truck driver is lonely almost all the time as you would be the only one on the truck, driving for long hours/days. This consistent loneliness is not good for mental health and that makes persons stay away from truck driving.