Pros and Cons of a machinist Review

Pros and Cons of a machinist

A machinist is a person who creates a machine by the use of hand tools, and this can be done through modification of some parts of the machine or the whole section. For instance, they use metals, plastics, or wood for modification of the machine. Currently, almost everything you see around is made by the machinist in the world. Though being a machinist has its pros and cons, and that is what we intend to discover in this article.


1. The skill has an increasing demand; there is always a demand for machinist skills, and anyone who pursues this line tends to prosper. The fact that the skills are transferable makes it attract market attention at any level. For this reason, there is a future expectation for the machinist as the world advance in technology each year.

2. Long-term career; the career of a machinist cannot be thrown out any minute after offering the service. In fact, a machinist only retires at will, and no one can stop them from earning their money if they intend to earn. The work is out of creativity, and no one can stop a creative person from inventing anything.

3. Value creation; the fact that these people create value for anything can motivate a person to be a machinist. Besides, value creation individuals are more fundamental in this modern world where entrepreneurs are at the forefront of invention.

4. Job advancement opportunities; most people are looking for a practical career in their respective fields of study. However, being a machinist does not involve much hustle on the fulfillment of work since there is a lot to be done. This is a practical career where a person will always be at the station of work using the tools and machines.

5. Opportunity to work with your own hands; if you are looking for a practical career, it is advisable to try being a machinist where you will have the opportunity to use your hands at work. For practical work, a machinist has it all, and it involves the creation and invention of new ideas put into practice.

6. You will be able to work on your personal Car: As a mechanic, you will have the ability to work on and repair your car when they break down. You will have the right tools, equipment, and spare parts at your disposal to fix your car without spending any money.

7. The earning is mouthwatering: Most professional and certified machinists make good salaries monthly. More so, there is a potential for earning more. Auto machinists earn less. But with more experience and certification, they can earn mouthwatering pay. Their demands will be higher and they can specialize in a particular brand for more jobs.

8. Chance to be a trend with the latest technology: The auto mechanic field is full of new ideas and technological advancements. It is fast-paced and as a machinist, you will always be in trend with the latest technologies. To remain stable in the field, you must acquire new skills as they unfold. Indeed, every day is a new learning opportunity. More so, expansion is inevitable.

9. You will have the chance to pursue your passion: If you have a passion for cars, then working as a machinist will give you the chance to pursue your passion. Nothing gives happiness like doing something that you are passionate about. Passion drives success, and the mere feelings of working on different brands of cars will make you feel fulfilled.

10 Opportunity to open their own shop: Being a machinist will offer you the chance to be independent. While expanding your business, you may open your own shop. With this, you will work at your pace and you will decide your opening and closing times. In addition, your social life will improve as you will meet new clients and connect with new people daily.



1. Perfect match for those who do not want to direct others; since machinist has a busy lifestyle, they do not take directives from other people. Also, they take no pleasure in teaching others what to be done and how to do it.

2. Long working hours, most people tend to complain about the long working hours of machinists, which tend to affect their social life. In most cases, these people work for a long time without rest or overtime allowance, which may be boring and devastating.

3. Only good for those who can work with woods, metals, and plastics; for those who prefer white color jobs, this is not a career for you. Though it is a nice career to many, some find it odd to do practical work with woods, metals, and plastics.

4. It requires much patience; this can be a turnoff to many people, especially those who prefer quick cash. Being a machinist is not automatic; it entails a lot of patience and hard work that must be put in place. For this reason, many people tend to shy away from being a machinist.

5. Poor Working environment: Mechanics sometimes work in poor lit and dirty environment. Noise from other machines around may be a bother to you. If some items are left unorganized, they can be a danger to those working there.

6. Irregularities in working hours: Machinists may not have regular working hours because clients usually call the. up for quick repairs. They can work in the morning, afternoon or evening. They can even work during weekends in some cases in order to maintain good working relationships with clients. With this, it is always difficult for machinists to maintain a good balance between work and personal time. Their health and physical well-being will be denied adequate attention.

7. It’s physically stressful: The job of a Machinist involves lifting heavy items and tools. This can be very stressful for the individual. Machinist spends long hours bending and lying on their back when working. This is not a concern for young Machinists as their bodies will carry it with ease. However, as they age, they may no longer be able to work in stressful positions.

8. They are most likely to suffer hearing loss: Machinists work in noisy environments for long hours. Their tools, machines, and working techniques can generate noises that go beyond 90 decibels. Regular exposure to this loud noise can lead to hearing loss. It builds up and becomes severe as the machinist grows older.

9. Short working life: A plethora of machinists retire early because of the strenuous nature of the job. A greater percentage of machinists are below 65 years of age, meaning that most of them change careers because of physical demands.

10 Exposure to Asbestos and carbon monoxide: Working as a machinist will expose you to dangerous compounds like Asbestos and carbon monoxide. Asbestos can cause cancer while carbon monoxide can potentially cause other body defects. Asbestos offers high resistance against heat. As a result, some car manufacturers are still using asbestos to produce car parts like brakes and clutches.