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Pros and Cons of Tattoos

A tattoo is a permanent form of body art meant for self-expression and a way to keep up with one’s culture and spirituality. Tattoos have been in existence over thousands of years old with the original tattoos being made from ash or soot. There are various reasons behind tattoos and how people feel about them. Modern tattoos have creative designs you can choose from.



1. Emotional attachment: Tattoos have an emotional component attached to them. If you have gone through a loss of someone you loved or had a changing life experience, getting a tattoo to symbolize the obstacles you overcame is very powerful.

2. Friendship: Tattoos open doors for potential friendship, communities and more. You might get to interact with like-minded individuals who love the artwork and represent a particular culture.

3. Choice of location: Where to get your tattoo placed is totally your own decision. You can choose to have it somewhere where it won’t be an issue to the potential employers or have it placed in an open place where everyone can see. Although the tattoo shows the freedom of expression in the workplace, you can decide to have it covered while at the workplace.

4. Form of expression: Some people view tattoos as a way of expressing themselves and their artistic nature. Therefore, having some piece of artwork on their skin is a form of self-expression and more natural to them.

5. Results in a creative environment: Tattoos is one way of embracing a creative artistic environment. Modern tattoos have more designs that are creative and it is an indication of more people supporting artwork.    

6. It hides body marks and scars: Tattoos are considered the best option to hide body marks and scars. If you are rid of stretch marks and birthmarks, designs can help you come out from the situation. In the modern age, people are fond of covering the marks with beautiful tattoos; it helps them move forward with confidence.

7. Tattoos make you look fashionable: Skin tattoos make you look more stylish and adds beauty to your appearance. Many famous personalities have the work done of tattoos on their body to look smarter and give them an attractive look. You will notice that mostly all the wrestlers of WWE have tattoos on their body.

8. Tattoos make you look fashionable : Skin tattoos make you look more stylish and adds beauty to your appearance. Many famous personalities have the work done of tattoos on their body to look smarter and give them an attractive look. You will notice that mostly all the wrestlers of WWE have tattoos on their body.

9. People get amazed with tattoos: Tattoos always amazed the people. Many times people lose their grace when they look at your tattoos. Sometimes you notice when two people having tattoos on their body meet, they started communication since they both have a common interest.

10. People will be able to recognize you soon: Tattoos work as a reorganization symbol. If you stand in the crowd, your near and dear ones can find you very soon. The tattoos become the reorganization symbol for the people. It has the significant advantage over those who have no skin tattoos. People can recognize you if the tattoos are visible.



1. A visual barrier in the workplace: There are jobs or careers that do not accept tattoos. Some people have instinctual negative responses to those who have tattoos therefore, they can limit your chances of employment in the formal sector.

2. Health risk: No matter the environment where you decide to get your tattoo from, there is no guarantee the tattoo needle is 100% clean. There is no guarantee you won’t be affected by dangerous blood viruses like HIV, hepatitis B or C among others.

3. Side effects: Tattoos can result in bleeding, bruising of infection in the tattooed area. Tattoos on the lower back can prevent women from having epidural during childbirth.

4. Expensive: You may be thrilled by a particular image or word at the moment and no guarantee you will like it in years to come. You may choose to have the tattoo removed which is an expensive removal procedure.

5. Offensive tattoos: Some people have tattoos with vulgar language or deemed to be offensive to an average person. Having these types of tattoos in a professional setup can affect the reputation of the company.

6. Traceable by kidnappers: Skin tattoos become a part of the identity. It becomes effortless for the kidnapper to identify the person from the long-distance to trace the footprints. It becomes easy for the Kidnappers to discover the victim by the visibility of the skin tattoos.

7. Skin tattoos make you appear overdressed:  Skin tattoos give the impression as if a person is overdressed. It depends on the design size and number of visible skin tattoos. It might give you the worse experience  if you are dressed up for a job interview.

8.Get embarrassed in public: People with visible skin tattoos face embarrassing moments in society due to the horrible tattoos imprints on their bodies. Sometimes small children get frightened by the impression of those horror skin tattoos. It is advised to wear full clothes while moving out in the public so that you don’t have to face awkward moments.

9. Tattoos may lead to family issues: Tattoos made on the private part of the body might lead the family issues. Maybe your partner doesn’t like the symbol on the breast, button, etc. and leads to end up the relation due to it.

10. It might disfigure your appearance: Too many tattoos on the body make you resemble a portrait and hide your actual beauty. It defaces your actual arrival, and one might be unable to make up how you actually look.

Conclusion: Birthmarks, skin marks might get covered entirely with the tattoos. If you feel that you are ready to take the pain, never want to apply for the corporate job, then you may go ahead. I still firmly suggest that check the pros and cons properly before having the tattoos.

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