Pros and Cons of Bio Diesel

Pros and Cons of Bio Diesel

Bio diesel is the type of fuel which are driven by animals and plants. Bio diesel is extracted from the animal fat such as soybean oil, vegetable oil with alcohol. Bio diesel is approved as an Eco-friendly fuel since it is removed from the vegetable oil, animal fats. Bio-diesel is the most responsible fuel in preserving the environment.



1. Eco-friendly: Bio diesel is more Eco-friendly and preserves the environment. According to the environmental act, Eco-friendly fuels are highly encouraged to use. Bio diesel doesn’t produce any pollution since it is extracted from vegetable and animal waste.

2. Safe to use :: Bio fuels are extracted from animal and plant waste, so it is safe to use with any fuel. It won’t produce any toxic gases which lead to respiratory problems. And also, it is proven that it has a high level of flash point than conventional fuels.

3. Readily available :  Bio diesel doesn’t need any specific standards or procedures, or modifications. It can be used directly into the fuel tank of the vehicle.

4. Increases the life of the engines: Bio diesel is responsible for the life of the engines. Since no chemical composition is evolved in the bio diesel extraction, it will create a protected wall to the fuel tank and affect the vehicle parts
by any other means.

5. Decrease the dependence on foreign fuel : The bio diesel extraction helps the country to sustain its fuels. This limits the dependency level of fuel from other countries. Bio diesel serves as an alternative fuel for the Government and decreases the investment made on the additional fuel.

6. Availability of resources : Bio-diesel can be extracted from natural resources. There is no need for any unique resources which are to be imported for this manufacturing. It can be produced by the waste that is produced by humans in their day-to-day life.



1. Not suitable in all the region:  Bio-diesel is not suitable in all the regions. Some places have very few food items, and you wouldn’t dare to use the food items in manufacturing Bio diesel in lieu of food. In cold regions,
bio diesel properties will get affected and turn unusable for a long time.

2. Damages to pipes and filters : Research has it that Bio diesel is affecting the filters and pumps. Regular use of the Bio diesel may lead to frequent changes in the vehicle’s pumps and filters.

3. Food supply may get spilled : If everyone decides to embrace Bio diesel, then food scarcity might set in. Just sit back and ponder on the debacle that will occur if billions of people decide to use food items in the manufacturing of fuel. When the natural resources like plants are used to make the Bio diesel, it will create the scarcity for the people to get their food. With this, farmers, companies, families, and even the Government will get affected severely.

4. Decreases fuel efficiency: While using bio-fuel, it is tough to get the proper mileage. It needs for Bio diesel is vast to run the vehicle for a few distances. Your vehicle will consume more fuel but gives fewer outputs.

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